Introduction To Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth Program

Introduction To Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth Program

Are you ready for more out of life?

Are you tired of meaningless struggles?  Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Are you ready to evolve beyond where you are?

Are you ready to fully realize yourself?


I would like to introduce to you a program I have compiled to pass onto you my wisdom and teach you how to self-heal, a program that will put you on the fast track of self-discovery, spiritual growth and transformation, and continue to help you evolve with the guidance of your higher self into the full expression of your magnificent self.

To learn more, please join me for one of my FREE online Video Conference Presentations about the details of the Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth Program.

To register for the next one coming up….  Click here.

Healing Events This March

Healing Events This March

Two Powerful Healing Events

Healing Losses

Lighten Your Load
Lift Your Spirit
Raise Your Emotional Vibration
Increase Your Emotional Strength
Open Yourself Up To Be More Freely Who You Are

The emotional pain of loss weighs heavy on the soul, especially in the advent of multiple losses. The pain adds up like cumulative interest, making the next loss or other life challenge much more difficult to deal with. Don’t let what happened in the past zap your energy, bog you down and weaken you. Much like a car engine, your soul needs rejuvenating. Join me for this powerful transformational healing event of healing your past losses.  We all have them!

1. Online Webinar, Saturday, Mar 11, 10am-12pm MST
1. In Person, Lakewood, Co, Saturday, Mar 25, 11am-1pm

For details and registration, click here

First Spiritual Science Church 2016 Fall Metaphysical Fair

First Spiritual Science Church 2016 Fall Metaphysical Fair

Having difficulty making a decision?

Come see me for a Clairvoyant Reading & Spiritual Insight this weekend!

Also ask me about Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Past Lives, Ascension, Karma…


First Spiritual Science Church, 3375 S Dahlia St, Denver, Co 80222

Seeking Inner Peace?

Seeking Inner Peace?

Take advantage of this opportunity!


Visit with me for insight into your spiritual journey and clarity into your

life’s challenges and how you can improve upon them

Saturday, February 20th, 11am – 6pm


I’ll be doing Readings for $1/min (20min minimum)


Visit other vendors for readings, healings and fun blings!

Treat yourself and a friend to a day of fun!


Journey’s for Conscious Living

7401 W 59th Ave, Arvada, CO 80003

Introduction to Spiritual Healing & Getting In Touch with Your Inner Self

Introduction to Spiritual Healing & Getting In Touch with Your Inner Self

Are you fascinated by the metaphysical?

Are you seeking more out of life?   Perhaps finding your soul’s purpose…    spiritual growth…..

or expanding your consciousness….

Do you wish to re-connect with your inner self and follow your heart more?

Do you want to find peace within yourself?

Do you desire to heal yourself or help others heal?

Do you wish to improve your health?

I’m looking for five exceptional people who are ready for an exceptional experience!

Click link below to learn more and to register for this transformational

Five Week Class

Starting Monday, November 9th, 2-4pm

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