Like every emotion, FEAR is an indicator

Like every emotion, FEAR is an indicator with a specific purpose. It serves to warn us of danger to aid us in our survival. However when we experience FEAR at the lack of an immediate threat on our lives like for example the FEAR speaking in front of people then FEAR is mearly FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. But where does it come from?
It comes from past events where we have experienced pain including past lives. Can such FEAR be healed spiritually? Yes, it can.
So, unless you are facing a bear, there is no reason to keep experiencing FEAR. It is mearly False Evidence Appearing Real that can be spiritually healed.


  1. Wise words! I also like the acronym FEAR – Feeling Excited And Ready. For when there are no bears around. 😉

    • Hi Stu, I like your acronym too. Way to go making it a positive. Sounds like you could be feeling excited and ready even when there are bears around. 🙂


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