The Bleeding Rose

The Bleeding Rose – An Inspired Oil Painting

Recently I completed an oil painting I called “The Bleeding Rose”.   I was inspired to paint it as a result of my own recent journey of healing certain energies.  I thought I’d share it with you.  How does the saying go?  A picture’s worth a thousand words.  Maybe it’ll  inspire certain thoughts or feelings with you.  If so, I’d love to hear, if you care to share.


  1. Kind of spooky and awesome at the same time. I wish I could paint like that.

  2. Hi Dagmar,

    I really like your painting. Creativity is a very human need and most people first of all don’t realise they have the need, and those that do are not sure how to manifest it. The point is to allow your creativity out in any way you can. In fact in as many ways as you can. Eventually, you will gravitate to some form of expression. Keep up the good work. Stu (PS: My other blog shows my own artistic expression: )

    • Hello Stu,
      Thank you. I agree, we should all express ourselves creatively. Creativity is the expression of our essence, our spirit. Some interesting paintings on your blog site. Wow! Very striking. Hope you don’t mind me asking, do you paint for a living? That’s awesome. Dagmar

  3. Blood and beauty give me desire to be present to the mystery of life. Desire, or ambition, have been largely missing from my life.


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