The Revolution Special

The Revolution Special

In light of the recent protests and marches against president Trump and for women’s rights, I can’t help but observe from my spiritual perspective and my perspective as a woman.

So many people and woman are shaking their heads in dismay as to why these protests and marches are happening.  Nothing about them makes any logical sense.  I believe, it is because the public outrage and outcry is actually about unresolved issues, inadequacies, insecurities, fear, powerlessness, the degraded or dis-empowered feminine, and all the issues that stem from times we were wounded in our past, which we have not fully resolved.   It is NOT a reaction to the present, but rather a reaction to our past.  Playing the victim role, blaming others, screaming it into the universe, or damaging property will unfortunately not resolve any of these issues.  Although it may be a desperate attempt at reconnecting with our inner power.

While President Trump is the change agent of our time and is triggering with people their deep seated unresolved issues, he will not fix them for you. It’s not his job.  All of these issues can be settled through the healing of your soul and the resolution of your past.   To simplify it, if you are worried about Nazism, then go heal your past life when you were gassed by the Nazis, or perhaps your participation in killing others.

We first must take responsibility for our emotions and our pain in order to affect change.  We can’t change the elections!  We can’t change Trump.  But we can change ourselves!  Right now it is NOT about the issues!  It is about your healing!  We are more than ever before being supported by the divine universe to heal our past, heal our wounds, gather the lost pieces of ourselves and repair our fractured soul.   …so that we may all move to a better plane of existence, one much higher in vibration.

All the protests, marches, anger and hostility are a signs of just how much healing is needed.   All the old and unresolved is coming to the surface.  The numbers are staggering of the amount of people in need of healing.

So, I call upon you today to take part in this global revolution, not by protesting, but rather by working on yourself, by healing you, by being the change you desire to see in the world. Because every time you heal a part of yourself, not only do you improve your life, but you contribute to the global pool of consciousness and the healing and betterment of all.

So, if you are ready to take me upon this challenge and are willing to invest in yourself and your future, and would like to look at how you can improve your world and bring more peace and joy into your life and perhaps empower the feminine in you, here is a time limited offer for you….

$50 off your initial session (90 min evaluation)

with me, your teacher and mentor,

facilitating soul advancement and transformational healing,

(reg. $150), special $100.  This offer is good through the end of February, 2017.

Feel free to contact me through my website.  Wishing you an empowered journey!

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