BorPrague_899286845n in the Czech Republic, Prague, Dagmar with her parents and her brother escaped her home country in 1969, one year after the Communist Invasion.

Shortly after crossing the border into Austria they immigrated to South Africa, where they lived for nearly three years during the Apartheid, the segregation of whites and blacks in the early 70’s.  Right before the racial wars started, Dagmar and her family moved back to Europe, Germany.  Dagmar missed South Africa so much, she would affectionately proclaim, “I left my heart in Africa”.  Little did she understand the deeper meaning behind the statement.

Interestingly enough, the family’s main reason for leaving South Africa was a problem with Dagmar’s heart.  At seven years old she was diagnosed with a minor heart defect, which seemingly was the cause of her extreme tiredness and aching legs.  Her parents were advised to move back to Europe, where the European climate would aid in the healing of Dagmar’s heart.  The other option was heart surgery.

As Dagmar learned many years later, extreme tiredness is actually a common symptom we can experience as a result of connecting subconsciously with a painful experience.  A physical location can act as a trigger.  Thus moving to a different place can help us disconnect from the unresolved experience, and any associated symptoms will usually subside within a few days.

As such, shortly after relocating to Germany, Dagmar saw a heart specialist who’s diagnosis proclaimed nothing wrong with her heart.  She never again experienced such extreme tiredness nor aching legs.

Many years later, Dagmar discovered several lifetimes she had lived in South Africa, one of which was very painful and energetically heavy, where she had fragmented her soul.  She had indeed left her heart in Africa, … in an entirely different lifetime.  In recent years, she was able to heal that lifetime and reclaim that part of her soul.

Dagmar went on to live the next ten years in Germany and learned perfect German, as she went through elementary and high school.  At the age of seventeen she fell in love with an American soldier, married and followed him to Chicago, Ill., incidentally also the home town of her Twin Flame.  However, Dagmar wouldn’t meet her Twin Flame until many years later.


 Dagmar’s Spiritual Awakening

In late 2000, Dagmar was inspired to move to Colorado, where in 2005 unsuspectingly she met her Twin Flame; literally the other half of her soul.  Twin Flames are two people originating from the same soul.  A Shaman once told her that meetings like hers don’t just happen.  They are spiritually pre-planned many years in advance.

Initially, Dagmar was so deathly afraid of her Twin Flame while simultaneously so incredibly drawn to him, that it had her wondering if she had a death wish.

She soon started working with a Shaman, inquiring about the deeper meaning of this man in her life.  Shortly thereafter, Dagmar started remembering their past lives… who he was, and who she was.

They came to re-unite in Colorado, even though neither of them had been to Colorado in this life.  But it is no coincidence.  Dagmar believes to have had past lives together with her Twin Flame in Colorado.  She is particularly fond of a lifetime they had lived as Native American.

In this life, they did come together, at least for a brief time, to once again live together in the Colorado Mountains.

As such, her spiritual journey of awakening and healing had begun.  The intensity of their initial meeting and her awakening had been so profound, she was inspired to write a book about it, which she published in 2014.  You can read her full story of her Twin Flame reunion in “Meeting My Twin Flame”.