Some of us are still scratching our heads about some of the things we are witnessing in our world today, wondering when things might return to normal.


Nothing about what is happening is normal. The pandemic isn’t normal. The jabs aren’t normal. The mandates aren’t normal. Our president isn’t acting normal. The destruction of our country isn’t normal.

You may think that perhaps if we comply with their mandates, things will return to normal. THEY ARE NOT. On the contrary, your compliance allows them to take things to the next level of more extreme control.

If you just knew what I know…..

We are creating our collective reality with what is in our vibration, thus we are creating collectively all this madness, in our attempt to rise as we have collectively agreed upon (in spirit world).

We cannot change our collective reality without changing our individual vibration. In fact, in order to rise in vibration we must off load all the unresolved energies that are creating this madness in our reality.

With programs such as the 6 Week Arial Quantum Healing Shadow Work Program.

Since everything’s happening globally, there is no place to go, but up. Rise into 5D.
However, it requires working on yourself. If you are doing nothing to work on your inner self to change your vibration, most likely you are staying in 3D and you are supporting the manifestation of the current madness.
There is only one place to go. UP!

It's Time To Make Friends With The Powerful YOU

I see so much confusion out there about what to believe with the global events, especially when it comes to our own health.  However, confusion only reigns where there is no connection to our inner guidance and our ability to discern the truth.  Why are so many of us disconnected from ourselves?

Because PAIN disconnects us. Because PAIN can fracture our soul.

But PAIN in itself is not the problem. PAIN is a normal occurrence of life (at least in 3D). It is the unresolved, incomplete, undigested pain that is the problem! It is the lack of mending we do.

It is much like driving our car. Daily driving will cause wear and tear on the Car. And if we don’t maintain it, it will start to fall apart on us and we will have to live with constant breakdowns.

They know this. This is why they want to keep you constantly hurting. Physically (health wise), Financially, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.  Just look at the number of people who lost their businesses, their jobs, their means of providing for their family.  The loss of freedom, the constant restrictions and mandates.  The loss of voice, censorship.  The loss of health, the injury by the vaccines.  The economy, the inflation.  This is all pain being inflicted upon us.  There is only so much pain we can endure before we start collapsing underneath the weight of it.

The more pain we carry, the lower our vibration, the more fearful, the more disconnected, the more confused, the more need for external guidance, and the more prone to manipulation we are.  We are literally being torn down the vibrational tone scale. 

Why? Because our fear is their power.  And our power is their fear. 

What is the antidote to all this madness?

Heal your unresolved pain. Come back into wholeness. Raise your vibration. Connect with your Higher Self, your Inner Guidance and Power. Learn to listen to and trust your Intuition. Don’t let them win.  You can do something about it. 

I will not only teach you how to heal, raise your vibration and come back into your power, but I will guide you through the process of actually doing it in the Shadow Work Journey.

Aren’t you tired of being confused? Not knowing who to trust? Not knowing what to believe?  Living in fear?

I invite you to join the 6 Week Shadow Work Journey and empower your life to 5D Living!  Let’s win together!


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Or are you stuck in a mediocre job or even business, struggling with procrastination, self-doubt, worthiness issues, fear of being seen, unsure of your soul purpose and afraid of your own divine gifts?
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Not to be confused with your EGO.        How do you know the difference?
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Unfortunately too many of us are disconnected from our spirit or higher self. We don’t listen to the messages we are receiving or can’t hear them. Or we are running off the messages from our EGO self, which is coming from a place of fear, only steering us in the wrong direction.
Fortunately there is a way to reconnect with your spirit and higher self, your true north compass, that will NEVER lead you astray, that has your absolute best interest in mind, and that knows you and your journey and what you need better than anyone else.
It will guide you in your health, love, your divine destiny, money, whether or not you should be taking a vaccine…
There is no time like now to reconnect with your higher self for correct and safe guidance.
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Gavin and I have created a new channel on Youtube called LOVE & FREEDOM PATRIOTS.
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It is something Gavin and I have been wanting to do for a while and were brought together by the divine to have these conversations about different topics, sharing our perspective from a spiritual angle, both being clairvoyant as well as healers, as well as our human perspective from our personal experiences and ability to read between the lines of the current world affairs.
Our desire is to give you hope, inspire you as well as empower you to get into the driver’s seat of your own divine destiny and participate in the creation of a new and better world, by exploring different view points looking at current world affairs and the challenges we are facing, as well as understanding ourselves in the midst of it and how we can rise above it all.
Join us today at 11am…
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Much love…
In light of all that is happening in our world these days… Covid-19 pandemic and all the changes that are affecting ALL of us, the biggest FEAR that the “oppressors” of humanity have is that YOU will discover just how POWERFUL you are!
This is WHY they are shutting down our communication platforms, WHY they are requiring us to wear masks (shutting us up), to social distance, etc., anything to isolate us from each other.
We are powerful in numbers. We are powerful together. And we need a certain number of us to get to a tipping point to shift our common reality.
Notice how they keep feeding the FEAR frenzy by talking about new Virus strains all the time. It’s never over. Viruses will ALWAYS exist. The reason it is so powerful to keep you in FEAR is because you are incapacitated in the low vibration (FEAR is very low on the vibrational/emotional tone scale).
But what you may not know is that they cannot hook you, unless you have a hook to be hooked with. In other words, they cannot cause you to fear unless you already have a fear. And you don’t have to be trembling in your boots to carry fear in your vibration. Fear simply comes from our unresolved pain. Sometimes we don’t even know we have it and yet we act from a place of fear without even realizing.
Here is where your power lies. You can simply heal your unresolved pain and thereby get rid of your hook, which incidentally will also cause you to rise in vibration and into your power. When enough of us are in that place of our power and we cannot be hooked with FEAR, WE WILL SHIFT REALITY.
They completely underestimate the POWER of your SPIRIT! And so do YOU!
In the next few days, I will be rolling out a special deal for my E-BOOK on how to Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening & Transformation, which is the key to YOU helping change our common reality. We need enough people (a tipping point) to shift our reality.
There is no exemption for YOU in terms of creating our common reality. You are either contributing to how we are experiencing our reality right now or you are contributing to creating something different. You are either wearing a mask or you are not wearing a mask. There is no in between. You are either complying with all the mandates put in front of you, or you are not.
But you have to do more than just fight it outwardly. You have to change it in your vibration. Because you are creating your / our reality with what is in your vibration.
If you have FEAR in your vibration (unresolved pain – even from past lifetimes), you are contributing to the present time FEAR pandemic.
Want to help change the world? You must change it in yourself!
Stay tuned for more….
We are right now in a spiritual WAR for humanity.
Wearing masks isn’t the solution. It is the problem.
Vaccines aren’t the solution. They are the problem.
Social Distancing isn’t the solution. It is the problem.
Disconnecting from each other through wearing masks, social distancing and lock downs isn’t the solution. It is the problem.
Connecting with our higher spiritual power is the solution.
Healing our unresolved past and rising in vibration is the solution.
If you are experiencing dark night of the soul, you are in the awakening process. But you don’t have to get stuck there.
What if there was a way to accelerate your spiritual awakening and transformation?
Your gifts are needed. Your spiritual power is needed. Your fight is needed. YOU are needed in the game….
Stay tuned for more…

I will never forget when I hit a wall, right after my initial spiritual awakening, while entertaining the possibility of becoming a spiritual healer.  It is probably an understatement to say that the wall I hit was the size of the wall of China.  The fear was so paralyzing, I couldn’t even make a call to simply talk about my new idea.

Believe me when I say that I know all about FEAR and connecting with the dark unresolved parts of yourself experiencing DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL, and about being disconnected from your SPIRITUAL POWER, feeling all alone and petrified to use your DIVINE GIFTS, and mortified of your financial future.

And yet, I have now been in the spiritual healing industry for 15+ years and have helped hundreds of people improve all areas of their lives.  I have walked the path you are facing.  I know what it takes to get to the other side of the darkness and to step into your power and your light.

Has 2020 left you overwhelmed and unemployed, wondering what your future might hold?  Are you petrified by the uncertainty of your future?

Do you have divine gifts, but are afraid to use them, for fear of what people might think or that they might think you are crazy?

Are you struggling with Dark Night of the Soul?

Are you suffering from emotional, mental, or physical pain?

Are you overwhelmed and confused?

Are you having difficulty connecting with the wounded parts of yourself?

Do you have difficulty telling the difference between your intuition and your EGO self?

Is your world coming apart by its seams?

Have you been working on yourself and been to a number of different healers and yet your old patterns keep resurfacing?

Do you find yourself wishing for an instruction booklet?

Do you feel like you have so much to offer the world, but you don’t know how to make a difference, and you feel you need to get yourself right first?

No worries, to everything negative that happens there is always a positive side, even if you don’t know what it is yet.  Why not take control of your future and make 2021 your best year yet?  It’s not up to your politicians.  It’s up to you!

Imagine feeling confidence instead of fear, living in peace with joy in your heart, knowing that you have divine protection for yourself and your work and that spirit always has your back.

Imagine if you could work from the comfort of your home, reaching people all over the world, setting your own hours and how much you want to earn, while improving people’s lives and making the world a better place.

If I can do it, so can you!   You don’t have to keep struggling endlessly.  You can live a fulfilled and meaningful life where everything flows with ease, where you earn your value, where you have the confidence you need, where you can stand your ground in the face of criticism, where you are aligned with your soul purpose and your divine destiny. 

Contact me if you want to find out more. I can point you in the right direction. There are people who need you, who are waiting for you and your guidance.

I am so blessed to be living my Divine Destiny and I want to help others do the same, especially in these uncertain and challenging times.

Follow me for more… I’ll be sharing more information in the upcoming days.

A question I’ve been asked now a number of times amidst our world chaos. Rightfully so. With all the media propaganda, fake news, everyone’s opposing opinion and different agendas, it’s very confusion trying to decipher whats what and what or who to believe.
What if I told you that there is one source you can always trust and listen to, a source that has your best interest in mind, and that will never steer you wrong?
Who is it? What outlet is it? Which agency? Which news station? …you might ask. It’s nothing and no one external of you.
It’s your HIGHER SELF!
Your higher self knows the present, past and future.
Your higher self knows YOU, like no other. It knows all your likes and dislikes, your fears and your blind spots. It knows your soul’s journey and your purpose, where you are headed and what lessons you need to learn to get there. And it always has your best interest in mind. It is your TRUE NORTH compass.
It is the ONLY SOURCE you should be listening to!
It doesn’t mean you can’t hear what other’s are saying. But you should always be running the data or opinion through your true north compass and properly evaluating it and allowing your higher self to steer you in the right direction.
The challenge comes in when we don’t know how to listen to our higher self. When we don’t trust ourselves. Quite often the soul is too cluttered with unresolved pain experiences to “hear” the messages from our true north compass. It is being overpowered by messages from our fear and ego. It takes a bit of skill knowing which aspect of ourselves to listening to. …or how to even recognize that it is our fear and ego talking. Quite frankly it boggles my mind how many people actually think that they have no fear, which to me is the equivalent of saying you have no ego or that ego has no influence in your life.
The unresolved pain in our vibration taints our perception of reality…. and renders us unable to view situations from a place of neutrality. This is the very reason why two people can be looking at the same thing and see completely different things.
The key to listening to our higher self is to first de-clutter our soul and establish a clearer communications path with our higher self (our spirit). Then we must learn to distinguish between ego talking (which includes fear) and our higher self talking. It requires a level of descernment between lower and higher vibration energies within ourselves and a great amount of honesty with ourselves.
You can achieve that level of communication with your higher self. And when you do, there is nothing that will throw you off.
In fact, it is paramount that you do … achieve that kind of communication with your higher self. As the world gets even more chaotic, you’ll want that kind of guidance from you higher self, your true north compass. This is the only way to insure that you don’t get lost.
If you wish to understand how to de-clutter your soul and how you can achieve this level of communication, watch the 12 min video below where I talk about the non-traditional sense of healing.
Much love…