It's Time To Make Friends With The Powerful YOU

I see so much confusion out there about what to believe with the global events, especially when it comes to our own health.  However, confusion only reigns where there is no connection to our inner guidance and our ability to discern the truth.  Why are so many of us disconnected from ourselves?

Because PAIN disconnects us. Because PAIN can fracture our soul.

But PAIN in itself is not the problem. PAIN is a normal occurrence of life (at least in 3D). It is the unresolved, incomplete, undigested pain that is the problem! It is the lack of mending we do.

It is much like driving our car. Daily driving will cause wear and tear on the Car. And if we don’t maintain it, it will start to fall apart on us and we will have to live with constant breakdowns.

They know this. This is why they want to keep you constantly hurting. Physically (health wise), Financially, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually.  Just look at the number of people who lost their businesses, their jobs, their means of providing for their family.  The loss of freedom, the constant restrictions and mandates.  The loss of voice, censorship.  The loss of health, the injury by the vaccines.  The economy, the inflation.  This is all pain being inflicted upon us.  There is only so much pain we can endure before we start collapsing underneath the weight of it.

The more pain we carry, the lower our vibration, the more fearful, the more disconnected, the more confused, the more need for external guidance, and the more prone to manipulation we are.  We are literally being torn down the vibrational tone scale. 

Why? Because our fear is their power.  And our power is their fear. 

What is the antidote to all this madness?

Heal your unresolved pain. Come back into wholeness. Raise your vibration. Connect with your Higher Self, your Inner Guidance and Power. Learn to listen to and trust your Intuition. Don’t let them win.  You can do something about it. 

I will not only teach you how to heal, raise your vibration and come back into your power, but I will guide you through the process of actually doing it in the Shadow Work Journey.

Aren’t you tired of being confused? Not knowing who to trust? Not knowing what to believe?  Living in fear?

I invite you to join the 6 Week Shadow Work Journey and empower your life to 5D Living!  Let’s win together!