Healing Losses Event

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 Healing Losses

Lighten Your Load

Lift Your Spirit

Raise Your Vibration

Increase Your Emotional Strength

Open Yourself Up To Be More Freely You


1. Online Webinar, Saturday, Mar 11, 10-12pm

2. In Person, Lakewood, CO, Saturday, Mar 25, 11-1pm


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About Losses

As we go through life, we experience loss. We can suffer loss in many different ways. A loved one may pass. A pet, who’s been a friend for many years, may die. Our true love may leave us for someone else. We may lose a large sum of money in a bad investment deal. Or we may lose our house, where we created many memories.

The emotional pain of loss can weigh heavy on our soul. This is especially true when we have experienced multiple losses in a fairly short period of time, where we have had hardly a chance to digest them. All that pain can lower us vibrationally to the point of depression.

The intensity of all the unresolved emotions from our past losses can accumulate and come crashing down on us during a present time loss. This can make our current loss unbearable to deal with and difficult to recover from. Thus, the more we can heal our past losses, the easier it is for us to bounce back from a present loss.

The other effect losses can have on us is that we may fear future losses, and therefore we might let our fear dictate our actions. This can manifest itself in the form of blocks for us. For example, we may choose not to express how we truly feel, for fear of losing our lover. It’s only an illusion that it is preventing us from another loss, and the suppression of our feelings can lead to illness down the road. And it’s really not contributing to the health of the relationship either, at least not one based on honesty.

If we lost money in the past, we may avoid starting a new business for fear of losing more money. This may prevent us from pursuing our passion and thriving.

Ultimately, we may attract more losses into our life. We naturally attract and create with the energy of our unresolved experiences.

Additionally, just the anticipation of a potential loss can cause us to re-experience the grief our past losses. Perhaps we worry about losing a beloved parent to illness and we could be grieving their loss prior to losing them.

A deep soul healing of your losses can take the intensity out of any current or future loss and help you recover from it easier and faster. It can free you from any fears of future losses, and thus from any blocks, allowing you to be more of your authentic self and help you reach your full potential. It can help you rise vibrationally, out of depression, and into hope and joy. Clients often share with me that they feel lighter after a healing.  And it will make you emotionally stronger. 


About the Facilitator

Intuitive spiritual healer and teacher, Dagmar Oktabcova will guide you and facilitate this powerful group healing event.  Dagmar has facilitated deep integrative soul work and transformational healings for 11+ years and has helped hundreds of people improve their lives.  Everything that Dagmar teaches she practices on herself.  The results are phenomenal.  People have experienced the resolution of physical, mental, and emotional issues, as well as the settling of situational and relationship stresses.

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Online or In Person

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About The Healing Event

This is an event where actual healing will take place.  This is NOT an educational event where you will be taught how to cope with losses.  In this event we will actually shift your energy.  You will feel the shift as it is happening.  You will be in a light meditative state following directions by the facilitator. 

If you are attending the online event, be sure you can be in a space where you can comfortable sit, close your eyes and listen to the instructions by the facilitator without interruption.  This is very important.  You don’t want to disrupt your healing.  Intense emotions as well as physical symptoms can surface as a result of connecting with your pain.  You want to be sure and complete the healing properly.  As part of the healing your emotions and symptoms will be reduced significantly or completely nullified, as your unresolved pain is being integrated.  You don’t want to put yourself into a position of being stuck in these emotions and symptoms for the next day or two.  Note that your symptoms will eventually subside, but you don’t want to place yourself in a position of discomfort.  When you properly complete the healing as directed by following the instructions, you will feel good at the end of the event. 

A word of caution, should you connect with other issues outside of the scope of the event you may be advised to attend a few private sessions with Dagmar to deal with those issues.  Always let the facilitator, Dagmar, know what is happening with you, emotionally and physically, especially if you turn on intense symptoms.  Dagmar will be able to either help you right away or advise you correctly.  She has your highest good in mind. 

Transformational healing and deep integrative soul work is not an exact science.   We all differ in our experiences and how we internalize them.  We all have different journey’s and understanding of the world and ourselves.  During a healing, spirit works its magic.  We are never given more than we can handle.  There is always a reason for why and how something occurs.  If you don’t understand something, ask Dagmar.  Dagmar has tremendous wisdom and understanding of the spiritual world. 

A word about transformational healing.  It is a process which facilitates reconciliation deep within the soul, repair of the soul and spiritual growth, improving relationship with self, others, the physical body and life itself, thus improving the individual’s circumstances and experiences.  While Dagmar facilitates the healing process and provides guidance, she does NOT heal the client.  The client ultimately heals themselves.  Each individual is responsible for their unique journey, growth, healing and how they experience life. 

While transformational healing yields positive results, during the healing process the client may experience temporary emotional and physical discomfort while processing unresolved issues.  The client may also experience resistance to the healing.  Resistance may manifest itself in avoidance and/or wanting to leave or get away, or wanting to do something else.  This is normal in anticipation of confronting our unresolved pain.  The key is to work through it, stick with it, and do it anyway.  It is nowhere near as bad as we tend to anticipate and we feel so much better afterward.

Physical Location

Paramount Condominiums Clubhouse in Lakewood, Colorado

You will be provided the exact address by email or text after registration, just prior to the event.

Online Webinar

This allows you to participate from anywhere in the United States

via your computer or your phone.

When using a computer, you will need Chrome or Firefox as your browser.  You will also need either a build in or plugged in microphone on your computer, and ideally a camera.  

If you are using dial-in, long distance charges may apply.

You will be provided the link and dial in phone number/s by email or text after registration, just prior to the event.

$100 per Individual

You must register for the class prior to the start date.

Full payment for the class is considered your registration.

No refunds will be offered.

During your registration, please specify if you are interested in the “In Person” or “Online” event.  Be sure to include your correct email and phone number where you can be send information about the event.

For questions, you may contact Dagmar directly at


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