Some of us are still scratching our heads about some of the things we are witnessing in our world today, wondering when things might return to normal.


Nothing about what is happening is normal. The pandemic isn’t normal. The jabs aren’t normal. The mandates aren’t normal. Our president isn’t acting normal. The destruction of our country isn’t normal.

You may think that perhaps if we comply with their mandates, things will return to normal. THEY ARE NOT. On the contrary, your compliance allows them to take things to the next level of more extreme control.

If you just knew what I know…..

We are creating our collective reality with what is in our vibration, thus we are creating collectively all this madness, in our attempt to rise as we have collectively agreed upon (in spirit world).

We cannot change our collective reality without changing our individual vibration. In fact, in order to rise in vibration we must off load all the unresolved energies that are creating this madness in our reality.

With programs such as the 6 Week Arial Quantum Healing Shadow Work Program.

Since everything’s happening globally, there is no place to go, but up. Rise into 5D.
However, it requires working on yourself. If you are doing nothing to work on your inner self to change your vibration, most likely you are staying in 3D and you are supporting the manifestation of the current madness.
There is only one place to go. UP!