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A Must Read for Those Who Want an Insider Look at a Real Life Twin Flame Reunion.

A personal memoir of Soul Connection, Past Life Remembrance, Spiritual Awakening & Multidimensional Healing

 Ever wonder how you would recognize someone dear to you from another life?  Meeting my twin flame initially struck penetrating fear into my heart.  Simultaneously, my powerful draw to him had me wondering if I had a death wish.  The intensity of our encounter ultimately catapulted me into spiritual awakening.

“I started reading this book the evening I purchased it and didn’t stop until I had finished reading the last page. This is an insightful and fascinating real-life experience from an author that had the courage to dig deep into her inner self and share her journey of self-healing honestly, completely and openly.  I continually benefit from the reading of this book, as I apply the many valuable lessons and principles I have gained from this autobiography.”   Dennis Wambeke

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