International Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer & Teacher, Speaker & Author

Operating out of the Denver area, but also work nationally and internationally via video conferencing. 

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New Client Consultation - FREE

20 min complimentary phone consultation for new clients to answer any questions.

Intuitive Reading - $50

30 min intuitive reading.  Get clarity and insight into your situation.  You are welcome to purchase more time for your reading.  Each additional 30 min is an additional $50. 

Couples Reading - $100

1 hour couples reading.  Unlock the hidden messages and mirrors of your relationship dynamics.  Learn how you can improve your relationship.  For Twin Flame couples we’ll demystify the Twin Flame relationship.  You may also purchase 90 min for $150. 

Initial Session | Evaluation & Healing - $300

3 hours includes an evaluation and a healing, 90 min each.  In the evaluation we will look at all your emotional, mental and physical challenges, your history, and your goals as to what you would like resolve or change.  The evaluation serves as an overall scope to work from.  At the end of the evaluation you will be provided an estimate of a minimum number of sessions it might take to meet your goals.  Based on the results you may consider purchasing a package with significantly discounted per session rates. 

The 90 healing includes deep integrative soul work and transformation through quantum healing and working with your subconscious mind.  It will involve regression work and possibly past life regression. 

Healing Session - $150

90 min healing session.  Deep integrative soul work and transformational healing.  May include present or past life work, as well as repair of the soul.

Twin Flame Healing - $150

90 min healing session to help you shift the upset brought to the surface by your Twin Flame.  Let’s resolve that which you came together with your Twin Flame to resolve.

 Twin Flame Consultation - $100

1 hour consultation to help you understand the dynamics of a Twin Flame relationship. We’ll also look at your specific situation and how to resolve the issues that present a challenge to you.



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