Transformational Healing

Deep Integrative Soul Work

Mending of the Fractured & Fragmented Soul

Past Life Regressions

Supporting Enlightenment & Soul Advancement

Aiding in the Ascension Process & Raising Your Personal Vibration

Guidance into Self Realization

Working with the Energy of the Divine Feminine

One On One Sessions

In Person, By Phone or Skype

We are all affected by the changes taking place on our planet.   Old ways seem to no longer work.  Before us lies a way of being that is beyond fear, a passing into a new life of empowerment, peace, love, spiritual service to humanity and joy in our soul.  There is much work to be done, however, before we can shift from a fear based existence to a love based one.  We are asked to let go of old patterns that no longer serve us and embrace the new divine feminine energies of surrender, allowing and becoming that which we seek.  For we are spiritual magnets and posses the natural gift of creation.  We are urged to reconnect with our spiritual self, to awaken, to trust the guidance of our higher self, to embrace our divine gifts, to follow our hearts and live our divine life mission.  We are being supported, like never before, to heal our unresolved past and get off the karmic treadmill.  I am here to assist you in your journey of deepest soul liberation and to help you accelerate the process of healing, spiritual growth and rise in vibration.

Benefits of Integrative Soul Work

  • Step into your Truth
  • Embrace your Divine Gifts
  • Increase your Ability to Manifest your Desires
  • Experience more Freedom & Joy
  • Stop Reacting
  • Act from a Place of your Inner Power & Love
  • Transform Fear, Anxiety, Worry and Stress into Inner Peace
  • Solve your Relationship Problems
  • Resolve Health Issues
  • Eliminate Physical Pain
  • Release Stuck Negative Emotions like Anger, Sadness & Depression
  • Restore your Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Heal Trauma and PTSD
  • Release Spiritual Blocks
  • Find the Lost Parts of Yourself
  • Repair your Soul
  • Self Discovery
  • Spiritual Growth

These are just a few items that can be resolved on a soul level.  If you are not sure that your problem fits the profile, please feel free to schedule a complimentary 30 min phone consultation.  I can help you figure out if this work is the right fit for you.

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New Client Consultation     FREE

30 min complimentary phone consultation for new clients to answer any questions.

 Couples Reading    $100

1 hour couples reading to unlock the hidden messages and mirrors of your relationship dynamics.  Learn how you can improve your relationship.  For Twin Flame couples we’ll demystify the Twin Flame relationship.

General Reading    $50

30 min intuitive reading.  You are welcome to purchase more time for your reading.  Get clarity and insight into your situation.

Initial Session | Evaluation & Healing   $300

2.5 hours includes an evaluation and a healing.  Evaluation looks at all your emotional, mental and physical challenges, your history, and your goals as to what you would like resolve or change.  The evaluation serves as an overall scope to work from.  At the end of the evaluation you will be provided an estimate of a minimum number of sessions required to meet your goals.  Based on the results you may consider purchasing a package with significantly discounted per session rates.  The healing includes deep integrative soul work and transformation through quantum healing through the subconscious.

Schedule Your Appointment Today


Individual Healing Session    $150

90 min healing session.  Deep integrative soul work and transformational healing.  May include present or past life work, as well as repair of the soul.

Twin Flame Healing    $150

90 min healing session to help you shift the upset brought to the surface by your Twin Flame.  Let’s resolve that which you came together with your Twin Flame to resolve.

 Twin Flame Consultation      $100

1 hour consultation to help you understand the dynamics of a Twin Flame relationship. We’ll also look at your specific situation and how to resolve the issues that present a challenge to you.


  5 Sessions      $675 (Save $75 | $135/Sess)
10 Sessions    $1250 (Save $250 | $125/Sess)


Becme Self Healing & Advanced Healing for Wellness Practioners

Ask me about available Advanced Healers Academy Programs.  An Advanced Healers Academy Website is in the process of being created. 

These programs will be available for Healers, Psychics, Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Wellness & Health Practioners wishing to improve themselves and their business and bring their own spiritual light and power into their practice for the biggest impact and wishing to put themselves on the cutting edge of true transformation in alternative medicine through Quantum Healing.

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