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A question I’ve been asked now a number of times amidst our world chaos. Rightfully so. With all the media propaganda, fake news, everyone’s opposing opinion and different agendas, it’s very confusion trying to decipher whats what and what or who to believe.
What if I told you that there is one source you can always trust and listen to, a source that has your best interest in mind, and that will never steer you wrong?
Who is it? What outlet is it? Which agency? Which news station? …you might ask. It’s nothing and no one external of you.
It’s your HIGHER SELF!
Your higher self knows the present, past and future.
Your higher self knows YOU, like no other. It knows all your likes and dislikes, your fears and your blind spots. It knows your soul’s journey and your purpose, where you are headed and what lessons you need to learn to get there. And it always has your best interest in mind. It is your TRUE NORTH compass.
It is the ONLY SOURCE you should be listening to!
It doesn’t mean you can’t hear what other’s are saying. But you should always be running the data or opinion through your true north compass and properly evaluating it and allowing your higher self to steer you in the right direction.
The challenge comes in when we don’t know how to listen to our higher self. When we don’t trust ourselves. Quite often the soul is too cluttered with unresolved pain experiences to “hear” the messages from our true north compass. It is being overpowered by messages from our fear and ego. It takes a bit of skill knowing which aspect of ourselves to listening to. …or how to even recognize that it is our fear and ego talking. Quite frankly it boggles my mind how many people actually think that they have no fear, which to me is the equivalent of saying you have no ego or that ego has no influence in your life.
The unresolved pain in our vibration taints our perception of reality…. and renders us unable to view situations from a place of neutrality. This is the very reason why two people can be looking at the same thing and see completely different things.
The key to listening to our higher self is to first de-clutter our soul and establish a clearer communications path with our higher self (our spirit). Then we must learn to distinguish between ego talking (which includes fear) and our higher self talking. It requires a level of descernment between lower and higher vibration energies within ourselves and a great amount of honesty with ourselves.
You can achieve that level of communication with your higher self. And when you do, there is nothing that will throw you off.
In fact, it is paramount that you do … achieve that kind of communication with your higher self. As the world gets even more chaotic, you’ll want that kind of guidance from you higher self, your true north compass. This is the only way to insure that you don’t get lost.
If you wish to understand how to de-clutter your soul and how you can achieve this level of communication, watch the 12 min video below where I talk about the non-traditional sense of healing.
Much love…

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger…

Well, I beg to differ.  While it is true that our soul expands or grows through learning, it is equally true that in the face of a painful experience we tend to become weaker.  This is particularly noticeable when we have experienced multiple traumatic events in a fairly short amount of time.

When we experience pain, whether emotional, mental or physical the tendency is to shove it because it is too intense for us to digest in the moment.  Our soul cannot learn from an undigested piece of experience, much like our body cannot get the nutrients from an undigested piece of cauliflower.  You may have heard someone say “he or she never learns”.   It’s because in order for our soul to learn from our experience the pain has to be healed first.  Thus spiritual healing is a form of a digestion process, if you will.   As such the unhealed painful experience becomes our unfinished business or affectionately also known as our “baggage”.  It actually does weigh us down.  …and we do actually carry it around with us.  In point many people express feeling lighter after a healing session.

Just like our soul can expand and become bigger, it also can contract and become smaller resulting from unhealed pain because a piece of our soul is wrapped up in the painful experience.  Sometimes we can even disconnect from pieces of our soul entirely.  Although it aids our survival, in the case of severe pain, the experiencing of different traumas can scatter our soul.  The more disconnected we are, the less soul we have to work with and the weaker we become.   Sometimes one can witness this with people who have gone through a number of tragedies or who have experienced a severely painful accident.  I’m sure you have heard people say such things as “he or she has never been the same since.”

So, what doesn’t kill you can actually make you a lot weaker…  but you can regain the integrity of your soul through spiritual healing.  Pain can be transformed to wisdom so that your soul may learn from your experience.  You can reconnect with your lost soul pieces and you can become more rather than less of who you are.

                                                    – by Dagmar Oktabcova