We cannot change collective reality

without changing our Individual Vibration

Dagmar as an Intuitive Healer

"Dagmar is a spiritual healing genius! What great results I have gotten from just a few sessions. I was skeptical at first, but Dagmar follows a methodology that really does work. I highly recommend Dagmar as a healer and a speaker. She is truly gifted."
Angela Schnaubelt

Dagmar as a Public Speaker

"Dagmar has an incredible story and draws the audience in on every word. If you are looking for a new perspective and a Wow story for your next event, Dagmar is the perfect candidate!"

In these auspicious and transformational times, as we progress through one of the biggest energetic shifts, also known as ascension, many changes are happening. 

Twin Flames are coming together in record numbers to help each other heal, grow and awaken spiritually.  Our old ways are becoming less and less effective.  We are moving out of the masculine energies of doing and forcing into the divine feminine energies of being and becoming vibrationally that which we seek.   

We are re-connecting with the deeper parts of our spiritual selves and are re-learning to trust our intuition and our higher selves.  We are moving into living in full expression of our true essence.  This requires inner work to overcome our fears, blocks and feelings of inadequacies. 

Additionally, our values are changing from materialism to doing something more meaningful that fills our soul.  We are more and more pulled toward self-employment and following our heart’s passion rather than working for a paycheck to put food on the table.  Merely surviving is no longer satisfactory. 

The stars are aligning for us to be able to make this energetic shift from the lower into the higher dimension.  As a result, the veil is very thin at this time and we are able to access Akashic records, as well as see our past lives very easily.  This has not always been the case.  The intention is for us to clean up our past, integrate our unresolved experiences properly and bring ourselves back into wholeness. 

We are more than ever before supported to heal and get off the karmic treadmill, so that we may rise in vibration, into a better existence, one filled with love, peace, joy and abundance. 

While we are supported by the universe in many ways, this does not all happen by itself.   We each have our own personal responsibility to bring ourselves back into spiritual integrity and wholeness.  There is much internal work to be done.   Often the unresolved issues we carry, even from other lifetimes, rise to the surface in the form of drama as vibrations are rising on our planet.   This is why there seems to be so much unrest in the world at this time.  It is no coincidence that more and more people are awakening spiritually and are being called upon to use their divine gifts and help the planet, and at the same time are confronted with their own fears and the need to grow and change.

I, myself, too have been called upon to wake up back in 2005 with the help of my Twin Flame, and follow my soul purpose and live my divine destiny as a healer of many lifetimes to help you in your ascension process. 

I now offer programs to not only help you overcome your fears and help you change your vibration so that you can become a magnet for success and live in full expression of your true self, but I also teach Quantum Healing and my soul wisdom to help you perform the kinds of miracles of transformation you are destined to create. 

Much love, 


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