“Healing Betrayal”

one sad couple man thinking and woman cryingAfter our last session, I feel lighter and clearer than I EVER have.  We cleared two of three past life betrayals.  One betrayal was especially troubling and I feel that it caused the biggest breakthrough.  All of my life, I have felt that men will not respect me and that they only want to take advantage of me.  I have manifested this in every relationship, especially with male superiors at work.  I have lived my entire life dealing with betrayal after betrayal.  Since the last session with Dagmar I have renewed hope for my future.  I have hope that I am capable of finding true love and that I can finally gain the respect of my male superiors.

Thank you, Dena                    August, 2015

 “Healing the Effects of Lyme Disease”       lotus-blossom

I have been struggling with the effects of Lyme disease for over ten years.  The longtime illness broke my spirit and made me lose confidence in my body’s ability to be strong and healthy.  Since working with Dagmar for the past few months I have rapidly improved and have learned so many incredible lessons along the way!  My amazing journey of transformation with Dagmar has also brought me much closer with my husband, my son and even other family members.  I feel so much more connected to myself, my spirit, the source of my intuition.  I now feel empowered to lead a more authentic and meaningful life. I have always felt like I had lived past lives, but nothing could have prepared me for actually observing and re-experiencing my past lives through my own subconscious.  The lessons learned and the clarity gained through this process have been incredible.  Prior to working with Dagmar I had done just about everything to treat not only the devastating symptoms of Lyme disease, but also the broken person I had become.  Nothing has proven as valuable and effective to my healing, physically and emotionally, as the work I have done with Dagmar!

Andrea                March, 2015

plutarch120365“Resolving a Difficult Divorce”

I was going through a difficult divorce when I met Dagmar.  For unexplained reasons the divorce proceedings were favoring my ex with prejudice.  The situation was surreal.  I feared for my 2 year old son.  I was desperately preparing to fight a huge battle in court.  This is when Dagmar explained to me how situations sometimes reflect our unresolved experiences and that it is possible to resolve them on a spiritual level.  She explained that resolving our karma through spiritual healing takes the charge out of the situation.  The charge is what is holding everything in place.  As a mom, I was prepared to do anything for my son.  I decided to invest in 3-4 healing sessions with Dagmar.  After the last session my divorce situation completely turned around in my favor.  To my surprise, I didn’t even have to take it to court.  My ex simply gave me everything I wanted.  I was completely blown away and absolutely ecstatic!

With much gratitude, Kelly                  November, 2014

images“What if it doesn’t work?”

I decided to invest in myself and purchased a packaged deal of 10 private healing sessions with Dagmar.  I needed to heal some issues in my past and the relationship with my mother.  I was angry.  I didn’t feel good enough.  Life was hard and filled with fear and anxiety.  I felt stuck.  Unfortunately, I had gone through 2 years-worth of counseling with no change to speak of.  As such I was skeptical.  Even though I took the leap with Dagmar, I still wondered, “What if this doesn’t work?” I was pleasantly surprised as I noticed changes within myself after only 2 or 3 sessions.  Each subsequent session I felt a new shift.  The amazing part is that as I changed, I witnessed how everything around me changed.  Not only was I responding to people differently, people responded to me differently.  Situations that would have previously angered or upset me don’t faze me anymore.  I am no longer attached to specific outcomes.  I feel calm and at peace with whatever may come, understanding that there is a divine reason for everything.  I no longer am the timid and quiet girl who felt intimidated by her mother.  I feel strong and empowered in my inner core, able to speak up for myself. Not only did the relationship with my mother improve, the relationship I had with myself improved, and thus how I relate to the world around me.  The huge wall I had build around me finally collapsed and I was able to forgive and accept love.  I am no longer invisible.  Strangers now say “Hello”.  As I turn around to see who they are talking to, I realize astonished they are talking to me.  It feels odd.  I am not accustomed to people noticing me, but I like it.  It puts a smile on my face.  My heart is now filled with hope.  I feel happy.  The healing work with Dagmar worked better than I could have ever hoped.  I received so much more.  I now see the beauty around me and view circumstances from a more spiritual perspective, adding depth and meaning to my life.

Smile, Beverly                             December 2014

1400_bigstock_The_Feather_188784-628x250“Having Your Own Personal Spiritual Healing Coach”

Dagmar is a warm and nurturing soul and I feel totally comfortable with her.  I’ve been working with Dagmar recently because nothing else I had been doing was working and I had literally tried everything from healing diets, supplements to many natural or new age therapies!  I’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue, digestive issues, skin and rash problems, to name a few, for as long as I can remember.  In addition, I was recently diagnosed with chronic Lyme’s disease.  I started working with Dagmar more intensely than in the past, after purchasing one of her packaged deals.  After only 6 healing sessions and one month later, I went back to my Doctor to be retested on everything.  I was totally blown away by the results!  All of my health issues, including my chronic Lyme’s disease, were gone!

The road hasn’t necessarily been easy but I have learned a lot about myself and how to connect with my own spirituality.  She always is available when I call with questions and has educated me along the way.  I look forward to continuing my journey with Dagmar.

All the best, Laura                     September, 2014

“Healing Hip Pain” breaking-free-wallpapers

For the past 20 years I suffered pain in my right hip.  It considerably restricted my abilities.  I couldn’t do certain yoga poses.  It would lock up on me.  I’d have to brace myself when getting up from sitting.  I was very uncomfortable sitting and laying down for long periods of time.  I couldn’t lay at all on my right side.  I had seen doctors and had x-rays taken.  They never could find anything wrong with my hip and I was told it was arthritis.  I had been to chiropractors and acupuncturists and nothing ever took the pain away.  I was told to do Yoga but that didn’t help either.

Then I met Dagmar at a metaphysical fair where I was really drawn to her lecture.  After her talk, I definitely wanted to see her for a private session, but couldn’t seem to get around to it, as life kept getting in the way.  One day I had a dream about two important men in my life whom I was conflicted about, and Dagmar was in it.  In my dream Dagmar was talking to me, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying.  The next morning when I awoke I promptly setup an appointment with Dagmar.  I had to know what Dagmar was trying to tell me.  It’s been an amazing journey of healing with Dagmar ever since.  In one of her sessions, I remembered a past lifetime in which I had suffered the pain in my right hip that I was still carrying in my body today.  After the healing with Dagmar, I walked out of her session with no hip pain.  The pain in my hip literally vanished and never returned.  After 20 years I was once again pain free and mobile. I could now sit and lay comfortably and I could even sleep on my right side.  I was completely blown away.

“Decreased Anxiety in just one Session”

I felt a new sense of calm immediately after our session.  I was amazed by the decrease in my anxiety and increased ability to be present in the moment after just one session.

Jennifer, September 2011

“When the Student is ready, the Master appears”

The journey into healing is often times frustrating and discouraging because no matter how many forms of release you can find, getting to the root, the inception of the trauma, can prove most difficult and unclear.  This has been my experience.  I spent so many years trying to band aid my symptoms without even realizing I was doing so. I would think I had it locked on and then the Shadow would rear its head again.  It was only when I had the chance meeting of Dagmar, and we opened a dialogue on inside “stuff”, that I realized there may be another, more in-depth, approach to clearly defining the issue and ridding me of it forever. I really liked her immediately as she has a very real, compassionate and intelligent nature, so I agreed to a session.

That would be the first of many.  Dagmar delivers what she promises.  Clear definition of the issue through a thoughtful and greatly intuitive pathway and the ability to resolve and reconcile with your self.  It’s a huge gift.  She makes sense of the Pandora’s Box of issues we accumulate and takes a direct approach to multi-layered healing.  They say when the student is ready, the Master appears.  I am just so happy I was ready for Dagmar! Life is Good!

Patty Bradley, December 2011

“Like nothing I had ever experienced”

My session with Dagmar was like nothing I had ever experienced. I really didn’t know what to expect. I had only decided that I would be open to it and allow whatever to come through. I was very comfortable and felt safe during the session.  Ten years ago I had been hypnotized and lost my ability to visualize. During my session with Dagmar, I was able to see colors again. I was able to go within and feel deeply a particular area where I needed huge healing.  The communication between us was easy and fluid.  Afterwards I experienced an enormous transformation, a lifting and removal of old thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve me. I felt a change at a cellular level. The overwhelming emotions that engulfed me, where like nothing I had ever felt before; Happiness, joy and unconditional love. The healing was all encompassing. I look forward to our next session.

Deborah Ducharm Porter,  February 2012

“Healing the Heart”heart

During my first healing session with Dagmar, I could barely speak without crying.  In fact, I had been sobbing uncontrollably in front of friends and neighbors and therapeutic counselors with no signs of recovery.  My grief at being estranged from my only child and grandchild was overwhelming and I couldn’t imagine moving forward in my life.  After my first healing session with Dagmar I knew there was hope for the future.  I felt a peace that had eluded me for countless months.  Six months later, after just four more sessions with Dagmar, the healing of my heart is nothing short of miraculous.  Dagmar has literally led me on a path that saved my life.  She has helped me heal both old and new spiritual and psychological wounds.  After months of living with worry and panic and finding restful sleep almost impossible, I am now finding joy, purpose, peace and hope in my everyday life.  Dagmar has a gift of healing that she shares with ease, generosity and humility.  Without being religious, she is a ‘Godsend’ and I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed.

Barbara,  May 2016

280px-Relaxing_Frog“Healing Into Abundance”

I always held two jobs, even though one job provided me with more than enough money to live very comfortably.  No matter how much money I made, I felt I never had enough.  Since completing numerous healing sessions with Dagmar, I feel a sense of calmness I never felt before, and I feel that I can finally hold onto my money.  I now give money away and it comes right back to me.   …without any effort on my part.  What a great feeling not having to worry anymore!  I now can relax and enjoy life.                                                                                          Dena,  November, 2015

“Healing Relationship Issues”6a00d83451cedf69e201a51162fcf0970c

Dagmar offered a new way of doing healing work for me and I found it most often soothing.  We tackled many issues and her work seemed to energetically clear them.  I found Dagmar’s work particularly helpful in regards to a powerful (twin flame) relationship I was involved in.  Her work ultimately helped me to move on.  We healed many other relationship issues that were troubling me.  I am thankful for Dagmar and find her to be a good, loving and playful spirit to work with.

                                Jennifer Lusk Puerner, LPC           November, 2015

let_go-1“Lighten the Load”

Dagmar has made me realize that we are complicated and carry memories that we never know are issues.  The real issues surfaced as Dagmar walked me through myself!

I first came to Dagmar with reservations and not wanting to believe she could help me, but a friend urged me to call Dagmar and at least inquire about her weekend workshop.  I was carrying a wall.  It was getting too heavy and weighed me down.  I was choosing isolation over fellowship.  I believed it was because of a divorce and the loss of a teenage son.  When we spoke, I asked Dagmar how she could help me and the first words out of her mouth were, “lighten the load”.  I now know it is not her typical response, but it was exactly what I needed to hear.  I attended Dagmar’s weekend healing workshop and within a few short hours of being with the group an issue surfaced when I was 5 years old.  I knew of this issue and could openly talk about it, but my soul knew it differently …. felt it… and saw it again… and to my surprise my soul was hurt enough to close itself off from me.  I experienced sadness, crying, and just trying to talk was a physical reaction of hurt.  I was immediately physically so exhausted (beyond control) after the release of the hurt that I could not stay awake!  I couldn’t believe it was so powerful, but there is no other explanation for my uncontrollable exhaustion!  In continued private sessions with Dagmar I was able to process other memories and break down the wall further and lift off even more weight.

Thank you!  Forever grateful, Terri                       July 2014


Dagmar is a genius. A spiritual healer genius! What great results I’ve gotten from just a few healing sessions with Dagmar. I was skeptical at first, but Dagmar follows a methodology that really does work. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised at the results. I highly recommend Dagmar as a speaker and public presenter, as well as a spiritual healer either for one-on-one or for a group, as she is truly gifted and compassionate.

Nov. 2013, Angela Schnaubelt


“Powerful & Transformational”

Thank you again for the wonderful session.  It was very powerful and truly transformational.  I am feeling much better on so many levels.  I experienced some very authentic releasing during the session, and the benefits are continuing to bless me.  I really appreciate your time and willingness to be of service in this way.  You have helped to facilitate some very encouraging and palpable forward progress for me, as well as those I have connected with in this life.  I am very enthusiastically looking forward to our next session.

James G., Golden, Co      July 2013

“Allergies and Spiritual Healing”combine-photo-elements-to-create-a-surreal-photo-manipulation

I had been suffering for 3 years with allergies after the birth of my first child.  I worked with Dagmar around the allergies I have  in my home.   After only one session they have virtually all gone away!  I feel like a new person and am so grateful for Dagmar’s intuitive skill.

Laine,  June 2013

imagesCAVS4W52“Healing Past Lives with Dagmar”

I have been healing past lives with Dagmar over the last several months.  After a heartbreak that dropped me to my knees, I yearned to know more at a deeper level.  Reading, counseling, seminars, bodywork and energy work were great tools, but not getting to the root of my experience.  I felt I was carrying cosmic baggage I needed to unpack.

The trust I feel with Dagmar helps to gently and safely guide me with her questions, showing me what I am ready to see.  The details and essence of my soul in previous lifetimes are profound.  Saturating myself with forgiveness, compassion and love, in the life I am witnessing, I feel an immediate shift.  Not just within myself, but in the conversations and actions with loved ones after a session.  Dagmar helps with interpretations and the accuracy leaves me with knowledge and understanding to live my life in a peaceful state.

The journey makes perfect sense, taking on a whole new meaning.  The blueprint from one life to another is felt.  I now understand my connections with the people around me, what needs to be healed and why.  All the pieces fit.  I see more clearly and my actions have more meaning in my daily life.

Michelle Maricich, December 2011

 “Lifting the Veil”

Initially I wasn’t sure if the session did me any good.  I think I was still having trouble believing that any of my stress could still be about my mother.  But I began to notice a lighter feeling as the day went on and when I woke up the next morning I felt like a veil had been lifted and I now feel more at ease than I have for awhile.  Thank you for your help!

Laura from Pine, May 2012

“Past Life Times and the Aches and Pains in our Bodies”

In December I had surgery on my hand to remove a nest of cysts.  Healing was going well until about three weeks after the surgery when everything went south.  A huge lump developed on my hand.  My wrist was extremely painful and all but useless.  Healing seemed to stop completely.  After only two sessions with Dagmar integrating past life times as well as an incident from this life time my hand and wrist began to heal again.  The lump has almost completely subsided, the pain has reduced considerably and I regained once again the use of my hand.  I appreciate Dagmar’s help very much and highly recommend her services.

Nancy, August 2012

“Fresh Produce or A Fresh Start”

It was serendipitous the day I met Dagmar at the Farmer’s Market offering Clairvoyant Readings.  I thought I had gone for fresh produce but instead I received a fresh start for my life.  For the past thirteen years I have been experiencing troubling issues with the spirit world including psychic and physical attacks.  I was constantly seeking out modes of assistance which could rid me of this torment and bring me peace.  A few things worked, but never for long.

When I met Dagmar I immediately felt at peace.  In our subsequent healing sessions she helped me understand what brought these experiences to me and how to heal myself rather than hate what was happening to me.  I am also learning to respect and honor my part in all things that I draw to me.   In all my years of trying different modalities, she is the ONLY one who REALLY understood what was going on.  I will be forever in her debt.

J.L., Evergreen,Co           September 2012


“Resolving Issues with Past Life Regression”

I thought I’d take a few minutes to comment on our recent past life regression session.  First of all, the session was very successful in uncovering some issues that have been bothering me for a long time.  Interestingly, I continued to get tidbits of information regarding this experience for days afterward filling in the gaps.  I want to commend you for your patience and sticking with me through completion even though we ran well over the alotted time we agreed upon.  This is a credit to your integrity as a practitioner.  Your determination to allow the entire session to run its course to its natural finish shows me your dedication to your profession and the needs of your clients.  I am looking forward to future sessions with you to continue the progress we’ve accomplished.  Thank you!

Sincerely, Dennis (Skip) Wambeke          May 2013

“An Abscess Tooth and Unresolved Emotions”

This was the second time I had developed an abscess in my gums in the same spot.  It wasn’t clearing up even though I was on antibiotics.  I remembered hearing my mom (Dagmar) once talk about someone having an abscess tooth and the cause being of spiritual nature.  So, I decided to call my mom and attack my abscess from the spiritual angle.  Sure enough, she quickly found the event in my recent past which triggered the abscess and then my mom helped me discover the past trauma which was the root cause.  Dagmar ran some very quick and relatively easy processes which helped me heal with unconditional love, understanding, forgiveness, and so on my tucked away, unresolved, negative emotions surrounding my past trauma.

During this healing process, I literally also reclaimed a portion of myself (soul retrieval) I had lost during the traumatic event; the innocent child who lived carefree and without worry.  This part of me wanted me to trust love again as I did prior to the trauma.  What a phenomenal realization it was for me!  I suddenly understood how my lack of trust in love was manifesting itself in my life.  I had been pushing away the very people who loved me.

Shortly thereafter I had another realization.  God is love, totally and undeniably.  To trust in love is to trust in God, the best thing I may have ever done.  How could I ever really find God without trusting in love?  The next day the most amazing thing happened.  While I was meditating in the shower and as I was accepting God’s love into my heart and letting the Holy Spirit flow through me, I received the most beautiful image of God.  He was picking me up when I was a baby and kissed me on both cheeks.  God then looked right into my eyes and said, “I love you.”  I suddenly felt a rush of Spirit come through me followed by total serenity.  The shower water became very hot and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit!  I never felt more at peace in my entire life.

Within a couple of days the abscess in my gums was gone.

James Robin Perkins, March 2012


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