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A question I’ve been asked now a number of times amidst our world chaos. Rightfully so. With all the media propaganda, fake news, everyone’s opposing opinion and different agendas, it’s very confusion trying to decipher whats what and what or who to believe.
What if I told you that there is one source you can always trust and listen to, a source that has your best interest in mind, and that will never steer you wrong?
Who is it? What outlet is it? Which agency? Which news station? …you might ask. It’s nothing and no one external of you.
It’s your HIGHER SELF!
Your higher self knows the present, past and future.
Your higher self knows YOU, like no other. It knows all your likes and dislikes, your fears and your blind spots. It knows your soul’s journey and your purpose, where you are headed and what lessons you need to learn to get there. And it always has your best interest in mind. It is your TRUE NORTH compass.
It is the ONLY SOURCE you should be listening to!
It doesn’t mean you can’t hear what other’s are saying. But you should always be running the data or opinion through your true north compass and properly evaluating it and allowing your higher self to steer you in the right direction.
The challenge comes in when we don’t know how to listen to our higher self. When we don’t trust ourselves. Quite often the soul is too cluttered with unresolved pain experiences to “hear” the messages from our true north compass. It is being overpowered by messages from our fear and ego. It takes a bit of skill knowing which aspect of ourselves to listening to. …or how to even recognize that it is our fear and ego talking. Quite frankly it boggles my mind how many people actually think that they have no fear, which to me is the equivalent of saying you have no ego or that ego has no influence in your life.
The unresolved pain in our vibration taints our perception of reality…. and renders us unable to view situations from a place of neutrality. This is the very reason why two people can be looking at the same thing and see completely different things.
The key to listening to our higher self is to first de-clutter our soul and establish a clearer communications path with our higher self (our spirit). Then we must learn to distinguish between ego talking (which includes fear) and our higher self talking. It requires a level of descernment between lower and higher vibration energies within ourselves and a great amount of honesty with ourselves.
You can achieve that level of communication with your higher self. And when you do, there is nothing that will throw you off.
In fact, it is paramount that you do … achieve that kind of communication with your higher self. As the world gets even more chaotic, you’ll want that kind of guidance from you higher self, your true north compass. This is the only way to insure that you don’t get lost.
If you wish to understand how to de-clutter your soul and how you can achieve this level of communication, watch the 12 min video below where I talk about the non-traditional sense of healing.
Much love…

These are pivotal times. We are fighting a war on a spiritual level that will determine our future.

Winning this war has a promise of a life filled with beauty, love, peace, abundance, harmony, joy, and living in full expression of our true self.

The opposite of that is a life of oppression, control, restrictions, living in constant fear, ill health, poverty, no freedom of expression, with an illusion of safety.

It is important to recognize that the fight isn’t out there. It is taking place within our own selves. And that is where we must win it!

We are most vulnerable when in fear and disconnected from ourselves. Our connection to our spiritual essence is the most protection we can ever hope for from the control and ill meaning of others. It is crucial to re-establish this connection.

In my sessions I focus on integrating your unresolved pain experiences and bringing you back into wholeness. With the proper guidance your evolution will happen light years faster than trying to heal naturally.

There is nothing more important you can do right now than to invest in your own evolution.

I offer private healing sessions. I help healers heal and prime their vibration for success and I teach Quantum Healing.

Learn more about Quantum Healing:

Heavy metals can cause all sorts of disruption of your normal body functions. I experienced it first hand when I unknowingly by accident ingested a heavy metal back in 2011.
Aside from hip pain, these are the health problems I’ve been experiencing as a result:
Kidney Stones, Fatty Liver, Fibromyalgia, Digestive Issues, Weight Gain
Over time it severely limited my lifestyle. It impacted my business and my financials. It made my social life virtually non-existent. It impacted me physically – to where every movement was painful. It tore me down mentally to near depression. Every day I fought just to get out of bed. Just imagine all your favored activities suddenly becoming painful.
A few years ago I figured out, with the help of my higher self, what my problem was. Since then I have detoxified the heavy metal out of my body and am still recovering from the aftermath. All is progressing into a positive direction. With any luck, I will be able to walk again without a cane and most importantly without pain.
Btw, doctors were really no help. They just recommended I have a hip replacement.
The reason I am telling you this is not because I want you to feel sorry for me. Please don’t. Spiritually this experience was meant for me to become aware of certain things so that I can help shift paradigms, so that you don’t have to experience this.
The reason I am telling you this is so that you can become aware of the consequences of heavy metals in your body.
…because they are coming up with a vaccine for YOU, as we speak, against the cold (corona) virus, selling it to the masses in the name of safety. Vaccines contain heavy metals. It is not intended for your safety. It is intended to cripple you.
On a side note, heavy metals are also contained in MRI contrast solutions and in some full body anesthetics.

If you missed our live event, here is the recorded event Quantum Leap Table Discussion about alternative ways to combat COVID-19, as preventative measures as well as post getting infected.

3 alternative health care panelists share their amazing insights into healthy living.    

Gail Lynn,,

Rita Shimniok,,

Dagmar Oktabcova, the spiritual healer,

There is no medical advice given.  It is up to you to evaluate the information and decide for yourself what is appropriate for you.