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I know that our natural response to feeling pain and discomfort is to make it stop.

But in the 3rd dimension (we are presently in) we tend to be more oblivious (dense) to the subtle messages from the universe and unfortunately it takes pain and discomfort to finally get our attention.

What is the message???

We are in the process of trying to rise vibrationally (ascension) into a higher dimension (5th) where we no longer need a frying pan to hit us over the head, but we each have to do our part!

What is our part???

The first mass wave to help us do our part was Twin Flames coming together by record numbers…. like I’ve never seen before. ….the 100% mirror of Twin Flames was connecting us with our deepest fears and unresolved pain – in hopes that we would heal it, off load all that past life karma and rise, and connect us to LOVE.

What did most of us do? Reject our Twin Flame that caused us any problems. Called it even the FALSE Twin Flame because they were negative. Because what we wanted was LOVE, PEACE, and JOY. Incidentally, all available in the higher frequencies. Love is at scale 500. And we keep floating around at fear (scale 100) by not doing our part and rejecting that which is trying to help us rise.

The second big wave of chaos was the Trump elections – nothing what I have ever seen before.

Again, Trump (elected by divine design) helped connect the massed to their unresolved pain in hopes we each would heal our past life karma and rise. (divine intention, not Trump’s)

But instead of healing, we point fingers angrily, we protest and reject Trump.

Every time we point fingers, we display our hatred around certain issues like Racism, Nazism, Women’s Rights, Narcissism, and so forth. Hatred comes from our deepest pain around those issues. …which we need to heal, so that we can rise above hatred to the frequency of love.

But, instead we are stuck in rejection mode.

So, the third big wave came…. the virus. Again, connecting us to our deepest fears – this time around our survival – in hopes that we will heal our past unresolved karma and rise.

But, NO!

Instead, we are holding prayers to stop the virus. And instead of investing in ourselves to heal and rise to the frequency of love, where viruses don’t exist… yes, instead we invest in truck loads of toilette paper.

Boy, I tell you, the universe doesn’t have it easy in trying to communicate with us.

So, what is our part in all this?

If you still haven’t gotten the message…

It is our job to heal our personal unresolved pain from the past (including our past lifetimes), in other words off load our karma.

Pain is heavy to the soul and thus keeps us in the low vibrations. When we heal, we can finally rise, because we are lighter. We also stop repeating the same cycles and creating more pain.

Are you doing your part?

What kind of person are you?

Do you make things happen? Do you watch things happen? Or do you just wonder what the f* happened?