Do What Is Healing To Your Spirit

And Without Effort You Will Bring The World Healing In Return

Self Healing & Spiritual Growth Program



Have you ever felt stuck in a situation anxiety ridden with no seeming way out?  


Sometimes the answer isn’t to do something about it in the physical world, but rather to heal something in the spiritual world.


What if you could just take care of the problem through self healing?



Are you tired of feeling stuck?  Are you tired of the same old struggles?   Do you feel like there is more to life?  Do you feel the need to break out of your mold?  Are you ready to stop procrastinating on your divine life mission?   Are you ready to evolve beyond where you are and live to your fullest potential?

Is This Program For You?

Are you ready to …

  • Transform Your Life
  • Step Into Your Truth
  • Access Your Healer Within
  • Grow Spiritually
  • Evolve With The Guidance Of Your Higher Self
  • Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
  • Get Measurable Results

Are you willing to… 

  • Invest In Yourself
  • Invest In Mentoring and Continued Support
  • Work On Yourself



Benefits of Integrative Soul Work

  • Step into your Truth
  • Embrace your Divine Gifts
  • Increase your Ability to Manifest your Desires
  • Experience more Freedom & Joy
  • Stop Reacting
  • Act from a Place of your Inner Power & Love
  • Transform Fear, Anxiety, Worry and Stress into Inner Peace
  • Solve your Relationship Problems
  • Resolve Health Issues
  • Eliminate Physical Pain
  • Release Stuck Negative Emotions like Anger, Sadness & Depression
  • Restore your Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Heal Trauma and PTSD
  • Release Spiritual Blocks
  • Find the Lost Parts of Yourself
  • Repair your Soul
  • Self Discovery
  • Spiritual Growth

The Secret

that even “The Secret” doesn’t tell you…

It takes more than positive thinking!

Yes, we naturally possess amazing creative powers.  And yes, we manifest with our intentions and thoughts.  But, why then does it not always work?

How often have you intended to meet the good guy and fell head over heals for the bad guy once again?  How often have you intended to make enough money to pay all the bills to not have to worry and here you are still struggling with money and worrying?  What happened to The Secret and our amazing creative powers?


Counter Intentions!

If somewhere in the universe there exists an intention that directly contradicts our intention, then our intention may not manifest.  Such counter intentions exist in our unresolved experiences!  These are past painful experiences we haven’t fully digested or completed.  They are active in our vibrational field and we manifest our reality with them.  In other words, we keep re-creating and repeating our problems and pain until we learn our lesson.  And we can’t learn our lesson until we fully digest our pain.

Have you ever watched someone make the same mistake over and over again and questioned their intelligence?  The truth is, it has nothing to do with their intelligence.  They are simply not digesting their pain and therefore not learning from their experience.

For example, say you love music and you have the utmost desire to become a song writer.  Yet, no matter what you do, you can’t seem  to produce a single song.  Imagine that once upon a time in your past you had lost a lover, who used to produced music with you.  And in the moment of your pain you had decided that you would never write another song again.  And perhaps all this happened in another lifetime and you still carry that pain and the decision in your vibration.  This now acts as a direct counter intention to your desire to write songs.  But, consciously you have no idea about this experience you had in another lifetime.  All you know is that you can’t seem to produce a single song, in spite of your strong desire to write.

Unresolved experiences act as direct counter intentions to our thoughts and desires.  They prevent us from realizing and fulfilling our true selves.  

When we resolve our incomplete experiences,

we create an ideal environment for our soul to thrive.

We then can manifest from the source of our inner power, abundance and love.

About Dagmar

After escaping my home country, the Czech Republic, with my parents, I got to travel the world.  In 2000 I was inspired to move to Colorado, unsuspecting that in 2005 I would meet my Twin Flame, who would cause me my spiritual awakening.

Meeting my Twin Flame was such a profound experience that I was spiritually guided to write a book about it, which I published in 2014, and you can purchase right here.  It’s called “Meeting My Twin Flame”.  Our encounter struck such penetrating fear into my heart, while my simultaneously intense draw to him had me wondering if I had a death wish.  The lack of understanding prompted me to seek out a shaman to get spiritual insight.  Working with the shaman started reconnecting me to the spiritual world, from which I had so neatly closed myself off.  Shortly thereafter, I started remembering our past lives and who I was and who he was.  I discovered that I was a healer in many other lifetimes and experienced many persecutions for my divine gifts.  As such, my journey of self-discovery, healing and self-realization began…

I had to heal myself into being able to embrace my divine gifts, step into my truth and grow spiritually into being able to live my divine life’s mission and stand before you today.  I bring to you 11+ years of transformational healing and deep integrative soul work experience of having helped hundreds of people improve their lives.

I had to heal myself every step of the way into becoming who I am today to be able to assist you on your journey of deep soul liberation and self-realization.

My Purpose

To assist you through these changing times. To share with you my wisdom and enable you on your amazing journey of transformation, self-discovery, self-realization, soul liberation and ultimately the full expression of our true self.

On A Personal Note

I was divinely inspired to design this program to help equip you with the ability and skill to do your own healings, to help you develop trust in your own spirit and to learn how to follow the guidance of your higher self, so that you may continue your spiritual growth on your journey.  I have given a lot of thought to the best way to teach you, share with you my wisdom and give you the best chance at success for a reasonable price.

What Does The Self Healing Program Offer?

Learn To Work With Your Subconscious

All the answers are within you.  In my healing sessions I take clients on a journey through their own subconscious in a light meditative state.  In this program I will teach you how to take yourself on a journey through your subconscious, how to ask the right questions and how to interpret what you are receiving, and how to communicate through your heart with your higher self and listen for the right answers.

Expand Your Consciousness & Grow Spiritually

This program is awareness based to help you expand your consciousness and learn from your experiences.  It will help you awaken and grow spiritually.  Certain issues may not resolve until you are able to see the details of what happened.  Bringing certain experiences into your consciousness is sometimes 90% of the healing.

Engage Your Power Of Creation

All of us embody both masculine and feminine energies.  Thus far we have been utilizing more of our masculine energies of doing and force.  We are moving away from these energies now and toward aligning ourselves with the divine feminine energies of being and becoming vibrationally that which we seek in the world, and being in the flow rather than forcing.

Instead of fixing situations out there, you will learn how to solve them within, by changing your vibration.  Watch people change their behavior toward you and situations resolve themselves.  Because we create our own reality energetically, our reality is our vibrational match and the mirror to our soul.  Knowing how to read this mirror helps us understand where we much change in order to change our reality.

The divine feminine energy of creation is a natural spiritual power we possess.  In this program you will learn how to use more of your creative powers.  We are spiritual magnets that can attract what we want by becoming vibrationally that which we seek in the world.

Integrate Your Unresolved Experiences & Mend Your Soul

The program is based on completing your unresolved past and reintegrating the parts of yourself that were once shattered and lost.  Given the intensity of the pain, your soul can fracture.  The good news is that it can be repaired.  Every dysfunction in your life has its roots in your unresolved past.  You already have all the love, abundance and inner power you need.  The only reason you struggle is because you are disconnected from these truths.

Learn To Work With Your Higher Self

How would you live differently, if you knew for certain that your spirit had your back 100% of the time?  No one knows you better and has your best interest in mind like your higher self.  Your spirit understands your journey and sees the big picture that your mind does not.  Learn to trust your spirit.  Learn to tap into your own healing power.  And learn how to read the signs and symbols and follow the guidance of your higher self.


Mentoring brings clarity, understanding, accountability, and creates change.  Mentoring is a very important aspect of this program.  Simply teaching you the ABCs of “how to” would not serve you well in the long run.  It is important to expand your consciousness to what is possible in the healing world of spirit.  Your ability to utilize your healing power to its full extent depends on your ability to identify the issues within yourself that need resolving and your understanding that they can be resolved spiritually.

Mentoring can help you break through your confusion when you are triggered and you are riding the emotional wave of your past pain. Mentoring can help you identify and overcome your state of denial or resistance to your pain.

You may get overwhelmed by your subconscious, but your mentor will not.   Mentoring will help you grow into being able to guide yourself.  Don’t underestimate the power of mentoring.  It is crucial to your success!

Experiential Learning

Learn by actually doing it and experiencing the shift within.  You will be experience actual healing as you are learning how to do it.  In this program you will complete a certain number of private one on one sessions facilitated by me, your teacher and mentor, as well as certain number of sessions facilitated by you, with my guidance before and after.

Solve Your Daily Problems Spiritually At Their Core

Are you tired because you are working hard, or because you are triggered?  It’s hardly ever the work we do that makes us tired.  More often than not it is when we are spinning our wheels spiritually, stuck in some unresolved past experience, riding the wave of our unresolved emotions that has us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxiety ridden.  When life’s circumstances trigger us, we can feel very uncomfortable.  We can even fall ill as a result.  Learn how to recognize when you are triggered, how to heal the underlying culprit, and feel better right away.  Be more present instead of stuck in the past.

Learn how to recognize and move past your spiritual blocks.  We are masters at justifying our procrastination and fooling ourselves into avoiding have to face our pain.

With the advent of the global spiritual shift and increasing vibrations we are undergoing, our unresolved past pain keeps rising to the surface continuously and quicker than ever in the form of our daily drama.  This program will teach you how to deal with it and solve your daily problems spiritually, at their core.

Continuing Support

The program includes a yearly membership, which offers group support in a closed online support group.  A new membership can be purchased after the initial year expires.  As such, you can participate in group support and stay plugged in for as long as you want.

This program also offers a one month maintenance mentoring package, which consists of phone assistance as needed, as well as one private follow up session.  Additional mentoring packages can be purchased after the completion of the initial program, on a month to month basis.

What’s Included?

Three Month Program

  • 1 Orientation Session
  • 5 Sessions facilitated by mentor     | 10 sessions for 4 Month Program     | 0 Sessions for 2 Month Program, if you already had at least 5 session with me
  • 4 Sessions facilitated by you on your own time
  • Mentor’s phone, text and email support
  • 4 Follow up sessions with mentor
  • Video Training/Instructions; Healing Basics
  • 1 Year Membership; Closed Online Support Group

    Last Month Mentoring Maintenance Program

  • You facilitate your own healings
  • Phone, text and email assistance, mentoring and guidance
  • 1 Follow up session with mentor

      Your Time Investment

  • First Month; Meet once/week for 90 min with mentor facilitating healing session.
  • Second & Third Month; Spend time once/week in meditation facilitating your own healing and meet once/week with mentor in follow up session.


What Is This Program Worth?

Acquiring a life long ability to improve every aspect of your life… What would it be worth to you?

$20,000      $100,000     $5000     $10,000     $250,000

Estimated Value Based On Actual Client Healings

Resolved Chronic Gum Infections

Eliminated 20 Year Hip Pain

Resolved Chronic Shoulder Pain

Improved Self-Worth

Improved Relationship

Released Blocks


Found Her Identity

Found His Creation

Found Her Visibility

Avoided Gum Surgery

Prevented Hip Replacement

Avoided Shoulder Surgery

Grew Into A Larger Business

Prevented Divorce

Living Life Purpose


Took Up Dancing & Gave Up Addictions

Able To Write Music Again

Feels Seen By Others Now


No Pain

Inner Peace


Fulfilled Life


Healthy Relationships

Joy                                             …….. Priceless





$10,000 / Yr


$25,000 1st Yr



$100,000 / Yr


The truth is that we all make money,…. and we spend all the money we make, ….on something, eventually.

The only question is….

Is how you spend your money helping you improve your life?

Is it moving you closer to your dreams? … or further away from them?

What is it costing you to stay where you are?

Your Investment

3 Month Full Program


5 Initial Sessions w/ Mentor   $650

  • 90 min each

Core Self Healing Program   $1150

  • 1 orientation session with mentor
  • 4 session facilitated by you with phone guidance & support
  • 4 follow up session with mentor
  • video training & instruction; Healing Basics
  • 1 year membership; closed online support group

1 Month Maintenance Mentoring    $550

  • phone, text, email assistance, mentoring and guidance
  • 1 follow up session

Total: $2350

2 Month Basic Program


0 Initial Sessions w/ Mentor   $0

  • You already had at least 5 sessions w/mentor – required

Core Self Healing Program   $1150

  • 1 orientation session with mentor
  • 4 session facilitated by you with phone guidance & support
  • 4 follow up session with mentor
  • video training & instruction; Healing Basics
  • 1 year membership; closed online support group

1 Month Maintenance Mentoring    $550

  • phone, text, email assistance, mentoring and guidance
  • 1 follow up session

Total: $1700


4 Month Extensive Program


10 Initial Sessions w/ Mentor   $1200

  • 90 min each

Core Self Healing Program   $1150

  • 1 orientation session with mentor
  • 4 session facilitated by you with phone guidance & support
  • 4 follow up session with mentor
  • video training & instruction; Healing Basics
  • 1 year membership; closed online support group

1 Month Maintenance Mentoring    $550

  • phone, text, email assistance, mentoring and guidance
  • 1 follow up session

Total: $2900

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Can’t get your head around the prices?  

Compare it to Life Coach rates.

Life coaches frequently offer monthly packages that range from $200 – $750/mo.  Often they ask for 3, 6, or 12 month commitments.  $750 * 4 Months = $3000

You get so much more with the Self-Healing Program…

  • Experiencing permanent transformation within you
  • Lifelong ability to do it yourself
  • Continued support for 1 year


Can’t afford the program? 

No worry.

  • Payment plans are available.
  • You can also piece meal it.  You can purchase the first 5 sessions as a package for only $650.  Or you can purchase each individual session for $150 each.

I am happy to help you customize a plan that fits your needs and your budget!

Get started for as little as $150 with an Evaluation!

In a 90 min evaluation we’ll look at your challenges, your history and your goals as to what you would like to resolve.  The evaluation then serves as an overall scope to work from.  As part of the evaluation you will also receive an estimated number of sessions it might take to help you achieve your goals.  And we’ll look at the best plan for you, one that fits your needs and your budget.



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Still uncertain?


Call for a complimentary 30 min phone consultation.

Let’s get to know each other and answer your questions.   I would love to hear from you!


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