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Gavin and I have created a new channel on Youtube called LOVE & FREEDOM PATRIOTS.
Our very first video will be

Premiering Today, Sunday  3/21/21 at 11am MST

on the CANCEL CULTURE today

Join Us

It is something Gavin and I have been wanting to do for a while and were brought together by the divine to have these conversations about different topics, sharing our perspective from a spiritual angle, both being clairvoyant as well as healers, as well as our human perspective from our personal experiences and ability to read between the lines of the current world affairs.
Our desire is to give you hope, inspire you as well as empower you to get into the driver’s seat of your own divine destiny and participate in the creation of a new and better world, by exploring different view points looking at current world affairs and the challenges we are facing, as well as understanding ourselves in the midst of it and how we can rise above it all.
Join us today at 11am…
Watch, enjoy, like our video if you liked it, and subscribe to our channel.   We plan on streaming live on Saturdays at 2pm MST.
Much love…