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 Much like the Phoenix, you too can rise from the ashes into the higher vibrations of love, peace and joy. This group welcomes those who are interested in moving from a fear-based to a love-based existence by learning and working on themselves, their healing, their soul repair, their karmic resolution, their spiritual growth, and expansion of their consciousness, and who desire to support and help shift, by their example, the global rise of human kind into a better existence. Please ask questions, share your thoughts, challenges, successes, epiphanies, and experiences of your personal spiritual healing and growth journey.



Change Ourselves

Are you ready for more out of life?  

Are you ready to evolve beyond where you are?

Are you ready to fully realize yourself?

What if there was a program that would put you on the fast track to self-discovery, spiritual growth and transformation, and that would continue to help you evolve into the full expression of your magnificent self?

Well, now there is!

Join me this

Thursday, June 22nd at 6:30 pm MST

for a FREE Online Video Conference presenting the

“Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth Program”

Click here to register!





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