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Favored Dag Pic    Hello, my name is Dagmar.  Born in the Czech Republic, Prague, my parents escaped with us kids in 1969, one year after the Communist Invasion.

Shortly after we crossed the border into Austria we immigrated to South Africa, where we lived for nearly three years during the Apartheid, the segregation of whites and blacks in the early 70’s.  Right before the racial wars started, we Prague_899286845moved back to Europe, Germany.  I missed South Africa so much, I always said to myself that I had left my heart there.  Little did I know how true that statement actually was. 

Interestingly enough our main reason for leaving was a problem with my heart.  At seven years old I was experiencing extreme tiredness and my legs aching.  My mother had explained to me that the doctors had found a very small gap between the two heart chambers where my blood was mixing.  We were advised to move back to Europe where the European climate would aid in my healing of this minor defect or I would need heart surgery. 

Namibia Self-DriveIt is more common than not that when we connect with our unresolved past, even another lifetime, through a situation or place, we may suddenly suffer some of the symptoms related to the original experience.  As we connect with our old pain we may also feel very tired.  Once we extract ourselves from that situation or place, the symptoms usually subside.  Shortly after relocating to Germany, I saw a heart specialist who’s diagnosis proclaimed nothing wrong with my heart. I never again experienced such extreme tiredness nor my legs aching as I had experienced in South Africa.   Many years later I reconciled a number of lifetimes I had lived in South Africa, one of which was very painful and energetically heavy.  I discovered that on a soul level I had indeed left my heart there and was able to reclaim that part of my soul.   

3860949169_fd438a114d_zIn Germany I went through elementary and high school.  I lived there for nearly ten years and learned perfect German.  At the age of seventeen I fell in love with an American soldier stationed in my home town.  Only six months later we married and I followed him after his discharge to Chicago, Ill., incidentally also the home town of my twin flame, as I learned many years later.  At the time we weren’t ready to meet.  I was still re-living for many years the unresolved painful lifetime we had together, which I describe in my book. 


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Eventually my travels took me to Colorado where in 2005 unsuspectingly I met my twin flame; literally the other half of my soul.  Twin flames are two people originating from the same soul.  A shaman once told me that meetings like ours don’t just happen.  On a spiritual level they are preplanned years in advance.  In retrospect it’s almost funny how we both came to Colorado, of course completely unaware of each other or the significance of our meeting.  I drove out from California in a green Pontiac Grand Am never having been in Colorado this lifetime.  Within a year he drove out from Evergreen-LakehouseIllinois in a purple Pontiac Grand Am never having been in Colorado this lifetime.  The shaman also explained that as some people mirror certain parts in us, he and I mirror everything in each other. 

As such my spiritual journey of awakening and healing began.  The intensity of our meeting and my spiritual awakening that followed were so profound I wrote a book about it.  You can read our story in twin flame“Meeting My Twin Flame”, now available in print as well as in e-book.

As I started healing my past and reclaiming myself, I reconnected with my own spiritual wisdom and healing abilities.  I continued to further my abilities with the help of various mentors as well as my own spiritual guidance, personal experiences and growth.  I have vast understanding of soul mates, twin flames, past lives, the spiritual world, its reflection in the physical world, the deeper meaning of life and the healing process.

I offer clairvoyant readings, spiritual insights, clarity, guidance and healings in private sessions as well as workshops.  I facilitate deep soul work to help people resolve their past and reconcile with their true self.

All my sessions are spiritually guided and with my client’s highest good in mind.

I also welcome opportunities to speak in front of large and small audiences to teach my spiritual insights and what happens on the soul level when we experience trauma or pain and the benefits of spiritual healing and how we can break free from the chains of our past to live the life we are meant to live.

My passion lies in helping people reconnect with their spirit, their higher self; the source of life, unprecedented guidance, abundance, power and love.


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    1. Sherrie, thank you for your comment. That’s awesome! Know that you can be unblocked through spiritual healing. Blocks come from past traumas, including past life. They cause fear which causes blocks as soon as we are even remotely reminded of anything similar as what we have experienced before that was associated with pain.

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