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The Light Worker Collaboration is a meeting held every 4th Wednesday of the month from 11am-1pm (MST) via video conferencing software.  To attend, you’ll need a computer or phone with camera and mic. You should also have a light worker business that you are looking to build or expand.   The collaboration is about encouragement, support and guidance in our journey and in our work of light to help raise vibration and consciousness for those who are ready, including ourselves.  We must live by example and extend our light throughout the entire planet, so that we all may live from the higher dimension of joy, peace and love.  It presents to us the opportunity to collaborate with each other and help each other in building our light worker businesses and in expanding our reach and offer help to those who are ready.

tumblr_lp407kX1X61qcl9cmo1_500Join the Facebook Group Phoenix Rising

 Much like the Phoenix, you too can rise from the ashes into the higher vibrations of love, peace and joy. This group welcomes those who are interested in moving from a fear-based to a love-based existence by learning and working on themselves, their healing, their soul repair, their karmic resolution, their spiritual growth, and expansion of their consciousness, and who desire to support and help shift, by their example, the global rise of human kind into a better existence. Please ask questions, share your thoughts, challenges, successes, epiphanies, and experiences of your personal spiritual healing and growth journey.



Twin Flames, Soul Mates &

How To Change Your Partner

I love you!  Now Change!

Well, now here is a workshop you’ve been waiting for… 

with Dagmar Oktabcova, The Spiritual Healer & Teacher

and Ann Seig, Healing The Heart Life Coach

Over 35 years of combined experience in creating change and improving lives. 

In this workshop learn the truth about Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  Understand the deeper meaning of any relationship and its mirror affect.  Discover the dynamics of your relationship, how you can make medicine out of your troubles and stop repeating undesirable patterns.  Find out what the chemistry between two people really is and what’s love got to do with it.  Embrace the possibility of an ideal relationship, what it might look like and how you can allow it to emerge.  Learn key aspects to understanding, communicating with and loving your partner.  Learn about the 5 love languages and the 7 keys to fighting effectively.  Finally, experience how to create the desired change in your relationship and how to invite more love to flow.  

Saturday, February 10th, 2018    Noon – 4pm

3601 S Clarkson St, #540, Englewood, Co 80113

$97 Early Bird Special

$120 after January 15th

Couples Special: 1st ticket full price & 2nd ticket half price   

Pre-registration and full payment is required to attend.  Seating is limited.         

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Introduction To Self Actualization For Light Workers

Do you long to do something more meaningful with your life?   ….. but you are feeling stuck?  Do you aspire to help people, to help society?    ….. but fear is stopping you?  Do you have gifts to share with the world?   ….. but you keep procrastinating? Are you tired of being held back from pursuing your heart’s desires?

In this transformational 4 hour workshop Dagmar, a powerful clairvoyant spiritual teacher and healer, will share with you how to get out of your own way and fully realize yourself, share your gifts without fear, and live your dream lifestyle in full expression of your true self.

What if it’s not about knowing how to make money in your business?  What if it is about becoming who you need to be to build the kind of business you desire?  How many of us have spent thousands of dollars on seminars showing us how to make money, only to find out that we still couldn’t do it, thinking that we are a failure or we don’t have what it takes, when in fact what we really needed to do is work on ourselves and be able to stand in our own truth and attract the right clients to ourselves?

Ultimately, it is not about KNOWING.  It is about BECOMING.  …so that we may attract that which we want.

In this workshop Dagmar will take you on a mini tour of self-discovery and change through the depth of your own subconscious.  Dagmar understands how the soul works, what the soul wants, how we create our reality and what it takes to experience the change you want.  Come get some insight into your journey of self-actualization.

Saturday, January 27th, 2018    Noon – 4pm

Lakewood, Colorado

$79 Early Bird Special 

$95 after Jan. 15th, 2018 

Bring a friend, receive an extra $10 discount each.         

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