Check out the new and exciting Quantum Healing Journey Adventure membership program!

Start your own Quantum Healing & Adventure Journey for as low as $60 per month!

Dagmar, the spiritual healer & teacher has developed a new and exciting healing membership program to fit your needs and budget, where you can start for a low monthly payment to get involved in Quantum Healing with varying support, based on the membership level you choose. 

You can learn and experience Quantum Healing, working with the power of your Subconscious Mind, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Growth & Self- Realization, Aligning with your True Self, Working with Your Intuition, Ancient Spiritual Truths and Inner Workings of the Soul, the Reality Mirror, and Mending the Fractured Soul. 

With these tools and wisdom you can heal any trauma or wound and positively affect your relationships, your health, chronic pain, emotional and mental well being, your confidence and self-esteem, your success in life and in your divine purpose and mission. 

Advanced Healers Academy also offers you the option to graduate to learning how to facilitate Quantum Healing on yourself, as well as the option to work with clients and create your own Quantum Healing practice. 

For more information and to sign up for a program that meets your needs, click on ADVANCED HEALERS ACADEMY.

Booth # 70

Get a unique reading or mini quantum healing with Dagmar, the spiritual healer & teacher.

Dagmar offers at the fair unique readings and well as mini healings. In her unique readings Dagmar not only gives you answers but also helps you understand the deeper meaning behind your questions and how you may change things if you so choose. She can also help you create change through her mini healings.  Dagmar is compassionate and practical in her readings and soul work. Her perspective is based on her understanding of our ability to transform our spiritual energy. She understands how we manifest our reality and how we can literally change our world by changing ourselves. Dagmar specializes in past life regression and has a vast knowledge in how unresolved past experiences affect us today. She understands the deeper meaning of relationships and soul connections, including Twin Flames. She is the Author of the recently published book “Meeting My Twin Flame”, her personal memoir.

Lecture “Understanding Quantum Healing”

Friday,  9/6, 2 -3 pm in Room 2

with Dagmar, the spiritual healer & teacher

Join Dagmar in exploring Quantum Healing and working with the power of the Subconscious Mind, how it works and its benefits. Why do we react? Why are we so locked into our patterns? What does it take to resolve our inner conflict? Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over? How can we get past our fears? What is stopping us from achieving the success we desire? How can we stop the cycle of pain? How can we break through our programming and experience real change?

Dagmar is an expert in matters of the soul and the process of healing. She will talk about how our survival mechanism gets in the way of us thriving. She’ll talk about how we can create the right environment within ourselves to nurture the seed of greatness within us and allow it to blossom into who we really are. She’ll talk about how our spiritual stuff effects our physical being and vice versa. Dagmar will talk about what it takes to raise our vibration and live in the space of peace, joy and love.

Dagmar will also share with you an exciting new program she has developed where you can get involved in your own quantum healing journey.

For more information click on Denver Celebrations Fair.  

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