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Healing Forgetfulness

Have you been forgetful lately?

Sure, occasionally we all forget something.  But, what if you were forgetting things all the time?

Is there more to it than meets the eye?

Recently, I facilitated an interesting healing session.  The person who experienced the healing allowed me to share his story with you.  He had been forgetful to the extreme lately, forgetting important things to bring or to do.  He came to me for a healing about his forgetfulness.

The healing session took him into a past lifetime in which he had been a jet fighter pilot.  On one of his missions, as he was thinking about his wife and how much he loved her, he forgot to do a routine check on his plane prior to take off.  Later in flight, he saw himself ejecting from his plane because of a technical malfunction.  His buddy, who was also flying that day was shot down and killed.

In his mind, he concluded that this strange set of circumstances saved his life.

If he hadn’t been thinking about his wife and forgotten to do the routine check on his plane, the plane may not have malfunctioned causing him to eject.  Instead, he probably would have been shot down, like his buddy, and died.   Thus, deep in his subconscious mind he associated forgetfulness with love and protection.  This subconscious equation was manifesting itself in his life in such a way in which he needed to forget things in order to have love and protection.  So, he would continuously forget things.

In the healing session, as I normally do in this type of situation, I asked him if he would like to change his decision.  He clearly felt resistance to do so, feeling that he would have to somehow give up love and protection, if he gave up being forgetful.  I told him, “You don’t know for sure if you would have died that day, just because your buddy died.  And, what if you could have love and protection all the time, without having to forget things?”  He liked that and changed his decision to having love and protection all the time, thus ceasing the need to forget.

After the healing, he went about his life remembering things.