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No more regular (incandescent) light bulb?

Philips Incandescent A-19 Light Bulb.gif


Is it just me or is there someone out there who feels like I do? I can’t stand fluorescent or halogen light. It gives me a headache and affects my eyes.

Doing a little research online I found an abundant number of health issues with these new lights; electromagnetic radiation, UV radiation, Mercury and other toxic chemicals, and flicker that can cause headaches/migraines and eyestrain. Apparently these lights can have harmful effects on the hormonal and reproductive system, the liver, the thyroid gland, and can cause cancer and have neurological effects.

Organizations defending the right of people to safe lighting, such as “Right to Light” and “Spectrum Alliance”, have therefore heavily criticized the plans to ban incandescent lamps. The British Association of Dermatologists has supported this criticism.

To read more about this go to: http://lowenergylampsinfo.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/factsheet-the-three-main-health-risks-associated-with-energy-saving-lamps-cfls/

All this in the name of saving $2 per year on your electric bill per light bulb.   Give me a break!   Have you noticed a significant reduction in your electric bill since you started using halogens? I’m curious.

Or perhaps it’s really about the profits – at our expense; health and the cost of light bulbs.  After all, a light bulb now costs at least three times as much as a regular light bulb used to cost.

Did you vote for this? I didn’t. Who the heck decided this? And are we going to, like good girls and boys, buy halogens now?  Do we not have consumer power?  Perhaps we all could decide not to buy halogens even if it meant living by candle light.  Do you think they would return the regular bulb if nobody bought any of their new invention of a bulb that is going to cost us in so many ways?  Or are you just buying into this stuff and accepting it as ok, just another thing on our plate to poison us?

I am, however, excited to know that there are organizations protecting my rights. That’s pretty amazingly cool!

I’m curious about your opinion.  What do you think?