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The Power of Choice

Do not underestimate the power of your choice!

One way to shift your energy is to make a different choice.  Do you realize that when you make a choice, doors suddenly open for you that would not otherwise open?  In fact, the entire universe, spirit, God, your higher self, the divine, or what ever you choose to believe in, goes into overdrive to fully and completely support you in your choice.

Thus you can choose an outcome even though you may not know how to get there yet, and the right opportunities and people will start showing up.  It’s up to you to do with them what you will.

But beware not to disregard the people and situations that show up in your life, just because you don’t like them.  We have a tendency to discount things that don’t look like we think they should, because we don’t see the bigger picture.  The fact is that all the people and situations in your life are there because you drew them there.

…and remember, in any situation, and I mean any situation, you can always exercise the power of your choice!

You can choose to be a victim to your circumstances or you can choose to be powerful and realize that for whatever reason you created them!  But whatever you choose, know that you are always supported in your choice one hundred percent!