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Past Lives With My Twin Flame

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Ever wonder what past lives you’ve had with your Twin Flame?

Well, here is one of mine….

One of my past lives with my Twin Flame played itself out here in the beautiful Colorado Mountains as we were Native Americans. That is probably why we came to meet here, even thought neither one of us ever had been in Colorado in this lifetime. What a beautiful place to reunite.

As the story goes, we each had belonged to different Indian tribes. Our tribes didn’t allow us to be together. Thus we each left our tribe and lived on our own in the wilderness. He did all the big game hunting while I did all the small gathering as the female. We were very happy together, until one day he died on me. I found myself alone in the wilderness, trying to survive. I couldn’t go back to my tribe since I had left and my tribe had disowned me. It was a hard, sad and lonely life for me after the death of my Twin Flame. However, I still feel so much fondness for that lifetime we had together, our love for each other and the beauty of the Colorado mountains.

Every time I drive up into the mountains from the city, I feel it.

A few years back, my Twin Flame and I had rented a cabin in the Colorado mountains and spent a couple of years living there together. Later when we separated, we had not spoken for months, I had gone to a metaphysical book store and was mesmerized by a card that had the exact picture on it as I posted here, the two Native Americans leaning against each other back to back. I kept staring at it in complete awe at the love I felt between the two Native Americans. All of a sudden, out the blue, in that precise moment, my Twin Flame calls me. It was like he confirmed, and felt what I felt, the love we had for each other as the two Native American’s in that lifetime. We were both remembering it.

How I came about this lifetime was when we separated, I felt like I couldn’t live without him. It didn’t make any sense, because, after all, I had lived without him my first 40 some years. Why couldn’t I live without him now? As a result of my profound sadness and the odd feeling that I couldn’t live without him, I embarked on some healing for myself (Quantum Healing Through The Subconscious, which I facilitate with clients) and healed all the lifetimes where I had depended on my Twin Flame for my survival. One of the lifetimes was this particular one where we had lived as Native Americans. After my healing I no longer felt like I couldn’t live without him, my sadness subsided considerably and I was able to move on.

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