Healing Betrayal

Betrayal can be very painful to live with.  Unfortunately, betrayal is something we draw in because of unresolved past betrayals.  If you are tired of being betrayed, you must heal the unresolved betrayals in your past.

Here is what one client had to say about her experience with spiritual healing and betrayal.

After our last session, I feel lighter and clearer than I EVER have.  We cleared two of three past life betrayals.  One betrayal was especially troubling and I feel that it caused the biggest breakthrough.  All of my life, I have felt that men will not respect me and that they only want to take advantage of me.  I have manifested this in every relationship, especially with male superiors at work.  I have lived my entire life dealing with betrayal after betrayal.  Since the last session with Dagmar I have renewed hope for my future.  I have hope that I am capable of finding true love and that I can finally gain the respect of my male superiors.

Thank you, Dena                

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