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Wheat Allergies, Anyone?

Have you been suffering from allergies?

I haven’t written a lot about this subject, however I feel I should.  So many people suffer from allergies these days.  Allergies can be related to the chemicals we consume, how toxic we are and the resulting impact on our immune system.  However, allergies are also psychosomatic.  In other words, they are spiritually caused by our subconscious.  And just because it’s in our head does not mean it is not real!  The reaction is very real and can be in fact very severe.  The good news is that it can be permanently remedied.  I have successfully overcome my own allergies and have helped others do the same.

There was a time when I was allergic to nearly all foods I ate.  Later, I became severely allergic to all chemicals.  I couldn’t even put chap stick on my lips.  Instead of lotion, I used butter on my face.  At one point I was very allergic to tap water.  And yet another time I was severely allergic to a specific dog.  I no longer have any of these issues.  Instead, I acquired a very in depth understanding of why we become allergic and how to heal from it.

Currently, I am working with a client on her allergies to wheat.  In our work together we discovered that her wheat allergies were actually related to her ex husband, more specifically to a set of emotionally painful experiences involving her ex husband.  As it is with any healing, usually there are layers.  Some of them extend into past lifetimes.  Nonetheless, in only two sessions we have reduced her reaction to wheat by about 75%.  I suspect that in the next session or two we will eliminate her allergy to wheat completely.


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Weight Loss & Spiritual Healing? Huh?

child-very-excited1I’M SO EXCITED!

I just found out yesterday that I lost 12 lbs!  Wow!  That’s so awesome!

So, what’s the big deal about that, you may ask?  Well, for someone who had found themselves on a gradual and consistent upward trend when it came to weight over the course of the last number of years, suddenly loosing 12 lbs in one year, is a big deal.  And here is why it’s even a bigger deal.  I haven’t done anything to loose it!  I haven’t even tried to loose it.  What do you mean, you haven’t done anything, you may ask?  Well, I didn’t change anything in my diet.  I always felt that I was already eating healthy and I shouldn’t have to change what I ate.  The last time I actually tried loosing weight by reducing my calorie intake, I ended up gaining 10 lbs over the course of 6 month.  I quickly gave up that idea, since obviously it wasn’t working for me.

I didn’t move or exercise any more than I had for the past 3 years, feeling pretty restricted in my ability to move due to issues with my hip.  About a year ago, I had reached my highest weight ever.  I couldn’t believe how heavy I had gotten.  Their was seemingly nothing I could do about it, since nothing seemed to work.   I was so frustrated with myself that I finally followed a good friend’s advise and packed away the scale and just stopped weighing myself.  I decided to stop worrying about it since worry wasn’t making me loose weight either and I was just driving myself crazy.

Well, you must have changed something, you might say.  What did you change?  Well, thinking back, I did change something, but I did nothing one would ordinarily do in order to loose weight.  I did some spiritual healing on myself as I have done consistently for the past 8 years or so.  One day in the shower I had noticed myself thinking that I could be loosing weight and in that instant I also noticed a very slight speck of fear.  It was so insignificant that I could have easily written it off as nothing at all.  I have since then learned that these insignificant nothings are actually somethings and its worth while paying attention to them.  The second time I felt this little fear at the thought of possibly loosing weight, I decided to explore it in my subconscious mind, as I also realized that this little speck of nothing could be stopping me in my tracks every time my body started loosing weight.

And sure enough, I healed a past lifetime in which I had lost my life as a direct result of loosing weight.  Well, that could instill some fear of loosing weight into someone.  After my healing, I didn’t start weighing myself frantically.  Instead, I continued as I had before, not worrying about it.  Several months later, I gradually started spiritually healing allergies toward foods that I had noticed I had.  Prior to that I had ignored them.  My reactions were mild enough and therefore easy enough to ignore.  I decided to pay attention whenever I had a certain reaction right after I ate something and then I did a spiritual healing around that particular food causing my reaction.  Just recently I started noticing how less bloated I felt and I didn’t have as many digestive issues.  Well, it certainly helps taking that kind of stress out of one’s body.  I recently also noticed that some cloths seemed to fit more loosely, but I thought maybe I was imagining it and maybe these cloths had stretched out over time.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to sneak onto a scale – just out of curiosity.

And, voila!  The result?  12lbs lighter than a year ago!  …without doing anything directly to loose weight!

All I really did was remove spiritual blocks or hindrances (namely unresolved experiences) that were preventing my body from functioning normally, the way it already knows how to function.  Isn’t that great!  So easy!  So natural!  No forcing anything!  Just returning the body to it’s natural state.

So, if you are having weight challenges and nothing seems to work, you might consider some spiritual healing!  Feel free to call me for a 30 min complimentary consultation at 303.638.2696!

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How Allergies can be affected by Spiritual Healing

An allergic reaction is nothing more than our body’s physical rejection of the “something” we are allergic to.   Usually it is a substance we come in contact with or something we ingest or something our senses pick up  in our environment.  So why is our body rejecting that something?  Simply stated our body will reject something when in our subconscious mind we perceive that something to be a threat to our survival, like pain for example.  Pain is in-congruent with our survival.  When we have experienced a painful situation that we haven’t fully digested our survival mechanism kicks in as soon as we approach a similar situation trying to prevent us from re-experiencing that pain and potentially death.  The intensity of our reaction can range anywhere from mild to severe depending on how much “charge” we carry on the pain we have experienced.

Say for example you had been burned to death on a hay stack in a past life.  As a result, in this life you are now experiencing allergies toward hay.   Spiritual healing is nothing more than the integration or digestion of past pain.  With the integration of your past pain your reaction to hay is simply eliminated.

You may view under “Testimonials” a recent testimonial from one of my clients about her allergies.