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Today, 8/17/19, marks exactly 50 years since my family and I escaped our home country, the Czech Republic, one year after the communist invasion, the Prague Spring of 1968.      

It was August, 17,1969 when we crossed the border into Austria, never to look back, not knowing if we would ever return, not knowing where this journey would take us, not even speaking the language, with just a few of suitcases pretending to go on vacation. We were 4 adults and 2 kids, my parents, my brother and I, my uncle and my grandmother. Three days later, on August 21st, they closed the borders. No one was allowed to leave for a while. A year later, once they re-opened the borders, they didn’t allow for whole families to leave at the same time. Parents couldn’t take their kids, for example, to insure that they would return.

Once in Austria, apparently we had enough money to rent a hotel room for the 6 of us with little more than nothing left over for food. My grandmother got to share a big bowl of soup with us kids each day and the rest of the adults had one hotdog and one role to split among themselves. My folks didn’t get to eat for an entire week until they found a job and were able to get an advance on their pay.

Our very first day in Austria I recall laying down on top of one of our suitcases in a stairwell of an apartment building. The people who had sent us an invitation to visit, necessary for us to get out, had gone on vacation themselves and weren’t home when we arrived. That night we hid in the basement of their apartment complex, trying to sleep on our suitcases, hoping nobody would find us hiding out in their basement, as we didn’t know where else to go. It actually made for quite the sleepless night worrying that someone might find us.

Being on foot, my parents walked 4 hours one way to get to the immigration office so that we could insure our immigration to South Africa. No other country was taking people at the time. The wait for the United States was two years back then.

From our first paycheck my parents purchased army cots to sleep on, but they only had enough money for 5 cots, although there was 6 of us. So, my uncle went to work night shift, so he could sleep during the day, while the rest of my family slept at night.

On October 6th, 1969 we immigrated to South Africa, another amazing journey!

What a journey! The price we pay for freedom! And the courage it takes!

My admiration goes to my parents for their absolutely amazing courage!!!

From the 6 people who wandered out together, today there remains only 4 of us left. My grandmother and my dad have passed away.

My mom is still with us, her brother (my uncle), and my brother, all of whom live in Germany at present. I live here in the US. I continued to wander, long after my family settled… a story for another day.

Live Quantum Healing Demonstration

Would you like to experience and/or learn about Quantum Healing?

This coming Monday, I will facilitate a live healing demo with Q&As, online via zoom video conferencing, as part of the Advanced Healers Academy programs.

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Let’s move some energy and make some medicine!

Past Lives With My Twin Flame

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Ever wonder what past lives you’ve had with your Twin Flame?

Well, here is one of mine….

One of my past lives with my Twin Flame played itself out here in the beautiful Colorado Mountains as we were Native Americans. That is probably why we came to meet here, even thought neither one of us ever had been in Colorado in this lifetime. What a beautiful place to reunite.

As the story goes, we each had belonged to different Indian tribes. Our tribes didn’t allow us to be together. Thus we each left our tribe and lived on our own in the wilderness. He did all the big game hunting while I did all the small gathering as the female. We were very happy together, until one day he died on me. I found myself alone in the wilderness, trying to survive. I couldn’t go back to my tribe since I had left and my tribe had disowned me. It was a hard, sad and lonely life for me after the death of my Twin Flame. However, I still feel so much fondness for that lifetime we had together, our love for each other and the beauty of the Colorado mountains.

Every time I drive up into the mountains from the city, I feel it.

A few years back, my Twin Flame and I had rented a cabin in the Colorado mountains and spent a couple of years living there together. Later when we separated, we had not spoken for months, I had gone to a metaphysical book store and was mesmerized by a card that had the exact picture on it as I posted here, the two Native Americans leaning against each other back to back. I kept staring at it in complete awe at the love I felt between the two Native Americans. All of a sudden, out the blue, in that precise moment, my Twin Flame calls me. It was like he confirmed, and felt what I felt, the love we had for each other as the two Native American’s in that lifetime. We were both remembering it.

How I came about this lifetime was when we separated, I felt like I couldn’t live without him. It didn’t make any sense, because, after all, I had lived without him my first 40 some years. Why couldn’t I live without him now? As a result of my profound sadness and the odd feeling that I couldn’t live without him, I embarked on some healing for myself (Quantum Healing Through The Subconscious, which I facilitate with clients) and healed all the lifetimes where I had depended on my Twin Flame for my survival. One of the lifetimes was this particular one where we had lived as Native Americans. After my healing I no longer felt like I couldn’t live without him, my sadness subsided considerably and I was able to move on.

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How are your Past Lifetimes affecting you?

In this Facebook Live video I am sharing with you stories of past lifetimes and how they have affected my life and other people’s lives. Are you rising from the ashes of your past lives or do you keep recreating them in present time? Discussing quantum healing through the subconscious and how it can help change your reality at present.

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Garlic and Onion Soup for the Soul

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Watch me share my ancient recipe from my home country, the Czech Republic, of how to make garlic and onion soup. I talk about the variety of health benefits of onion and garlic as well as my personal story of how we left my home country one year after the communist invasion.


  1. Anti-bacterial properties – we used to call it the Russian Antibiotic.
  2. Natural blood thinner – I was personally told by doctors not to eat garlic prior to my knee surgery, because it thins your blood.
  3. Anti-parasitic properties – it is used as a remedy against parasites.

Onions and Garlic

  1. Anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.
  2. Garlic and Onion contain sulfur, which helps clean your blood and your body detoxify from heavy metals.
  3. Great against fighting colds and flu.
  4. Nothing like chasing bad ju jus (energy), like vampires and such, out of your house.  Lol!



The Law Of Attraction & Attracting Abundance

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LIVE talk about The Law of Attraction & how to attract abundance into your life with Jentrey Potter and Dagmar Oktabcova.


Are you too compassionate?

Especially for light workers, healers and counselors… Are you too compassionate?

Healing Physical Pain – Client Interview with Dagmar and Tracy Vega

What was Tracy’s healing experience with Dagmar, the spiritual healer? What were the results she experienced. For Tracy, conventional therapy never worked, but the healing with Dagmar was…. Tracy also had a sharp pain in her side prior to seeing Dagmar. As a result of the healing work it has diminished to almost nothing. Check out more about Dagmar at www.thespiritualhealer.info

Get out of your own way…

You ever wondered how to get out of your own way? Watch the video below… 

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