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The Law Of Attraction & Attracting Abundance

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LIVE talk about The Law of Attraction & how to attract abundance into your life with Jentrey Potter and Dagmar Oktabcova.


Are you too compassionate?

Especially for light workers, healers and counselors… Are you too compassionate?

I’m Afraid To Die

Celebrations PicIt’s so interesting, young kids sometimes are spiritually drawn to me when I do readings.

At a recent fair a 10 year old boy came to me.  His mother paid for his reading.  I asked him, “So, how can I help you?”  He confided in me, “I’m afraid to die.”  At first, I was taken aback by what he said.  I asked, “What do you mean?”  “You know, I just don’t want to die”, he replied.  Upon checking in with spirit I got the sense that he had died young in his prior life.  In fact, he was about the same age as now.  Thus his current age was the trigger for his unresolved death causing his fear.

I explained to him what I sensed and told him that he wasn’t going to die, at least not any time soon, upon which he replied again, “I don’t want to die.”

I saw that my explanation just wasn’t enough to help him with his fear.  As such I asked him, “How would you like me to help you heal it right now?”  He replied, “Yes.”

I took both his hands into mine, closed my eyes and engaged in a process of healing with him in spirit.  I saw the time of his death in his prior life.  A car ran into him as he was riding his bicycle.  As I called in the proper healing energy, I suddenly felt his quivering stop.  I now felt his calmness. I opened my eyes and asked him, “Are you feeling better?”  “Yes”, he replied.  I once again closed my eyes and completed the healing process.  Then I opened my eyes and asked him, “So, how is your fear of dying? Still afraid?”  He replied, “No. I never was afraid.”  I was once again taken aback.  “Well, what about your issue of not wanting to die?”, I asked.  He replied, “I don’t have an issue.  Never was an issue.”  I suddenly realized, his unresolved death was healed.  Not only was he not afraid anymore, he couldn’t even remember that he once was.  I smiled and wished him well.

What Most Supports Life In This Moment?

The BoatThe Boat


This is my new painting called “The Boat”.  It is inspired by my own personal spiritual journey, as learned through the workings with my mentor Erika Niemann.

As we move into living life from the inside, rather than from the outside looking in, controlling every aspect of it becomes nearly impossible, as it is much like swimming in a river.  Overwhelming and impossible to control.   Life is rich, colorful and multifaceted with a lots of currents that can pull us into different directions.  However, if we learn to work with life, trust and allow life to support and carry us, we may find an unprecedented peace, impossible to experience by living life from the outside looking in, fending for ourselves.

The best way to be in a symbiotic relationship with life and allow life to support us is by asking ourselves: “What most supports life in this moment?”   The question puts us into the boat.   The key to being supported by life is being in the boat.


What is Abundance, Really? Part II


In Part I of my blog I concluded that abundance has nothing to do with money, as I have observed that even in the presents of a lot of money we can still experience fear of not having enough.

So, what exactly is abundance?  Where does it come from?  And how do we acquire it?

Consider for a moment that abundance is a sense of knowing with certainty that there is enough, unaccompanied by any fear or worry.  Much like how we feel about the air we breathe.  Do we worry every time we take a breath whether there will be enough air?  No.  We just breathe.  And every time we draw a breath, indeed there is enough.  Could we have the same sense of knowing about love, friends, water, food, clothing, shelter, beauty, resources, success, fun and even money?

Consider the possibility that abundance is available to us as part of our natural flow of life, much like the air we breathe.  Now consider for a moment that our spirit and the divine energy we are a part of is the source of life that nourishes us and is our timeless and limitless resource we will never run out of!  When we are connected to this life force we have access to all the abundance that already exists.  Thus our sense of knowing that there is enough comes from our connection to our life source, our spirit.

Why then do some of us not experience this sense of knowing, but rather to the contrary?  Why do some of us experience fear of not having enough or fear of running out?  Why do some of us experience lack in the midst of such abundance?

We all have experienced fear at some point or another.  Interestingly, it seems that in the moment of experiencing fear we also feel most disconnected from spirit, the very essence of life that nourishes and creates.  And when we act from fear we strangle the natural flow of life thus blocking our access to the abundance that already is.

Fear seems an effective survival mechanism in emergencies warning us of anything life threatening.  However, it doesn’t seem to serve us as well in the long run.  I’m talking about the fear we experience in the face of no immediate threat.  Where does it come from and why do we feel it?

Throughout my years of spiritual healing I have come to learn that fear comes from our unresolved past and exists in the presents of pain.  If we have previously been bitten by a dog, we now may fear dogs.  If we have previously experienced starvation, we may now be experiencing fear of not having enough to eat.  If we have previously experienced poverty, we may now be experiencing fear of not having enough resources to survive.  You get the picture.  While you are thinking about your own life experiences, consider the possibility that you may have lived more than once.

It is in the wake of our unresolved experiences we view the world through the glasses of fear and not only do we see the world as such, but we create the world as such.  Consider the possibility that we manifest our reality and we do so energetically.  Thus when we carry in our energy field unresolved experiences, we also create with them.  In other words, if we carry a fear of not having enough, our reality will reflect it by “not having enough”.  Our reality always reflects our spiritual energy because we create with it.

In conclusion, limitless abundance is available to us as part of our spiritual energy and natural flow of life.  However, unhealed pain distorts our reality and disconnects us from our natural way of being.

In “Part I” of my blog I ask the question “just how much money is enough?”  In light of our new perspective, I would like to answer that question by saying that no amount of money will ever be enough!  Not if we are attempting to suffocate our fears and worries with money!  How do I know this?  Well, lets just say I’ve attempted this for years!  Without much success, I might add.

We will never fix what’s inside of us with an external remedy.  No amount of money will substitute the power of our spiritual energy.  However, once we remedy what’s inside of us, we have a chance at seeing it reflected in our reality by actually experiencing having enough.

So, how then do we eliminate fear and worry, if all the money in the world can’t?  How do we get back to our natural state of being where we are properly connected to our life source?

In my personal experience, spiritual healing will do just that. Fear exists in the presents of pain.  I’m talking about the pain we have experienced but haven’t fully digested.  In the process of healing, as we integrate our painful experiences and transform our pain into wisdom, fear dissipates.  In the absence of fear and worry we can properly connect with our inner self, our essence, our life source and all the abundance that already exists with our natural state of being.

My wish for you then is that in your search for abundance you may find yourself and discover that you are the abundance you seek!

May you experience real abundance!


What is Abundance, really? Part I

moneu    By its own virtue abundance seems to suggest that there is enough.  I always thought having abundance meant having enough money.  But just how much money is enough?  Think about it.  How much money would you need in order to feel that you have enough?  What’s the magic number?  How much is enough?

I have met people who make six figure incomes and still don’t feel they have enough.  What about corporate America and its millions in earnings and all their greed?  Incidentally, greed comes from an attitude of scarcity.  Why then all the greed in such a sea of abundance?

Some time ago I met a life coach who was also a big believer of “The Secret”, which is all about the “Law of Attraction”.  She told me I needed to change my attitude and the way I spoke.  How do you ever expect to have abundance when talking about not having enough?  Your attitude projects scarcity.  She had a point.  In the process of building my business I tended to voice my frustrations.  We manifest what we think about, she continued, and invited me to listen to some tapes intending to help me acquire an attitude of abundance.  Ok, it made sense.  Maybe I had something to learn here, I thought, and accepted her invitation.

As I listened to the first tape, a male voice started talking about an organization that, upon my joining, would teach me all the secrets of building wealth.  I couldn’t wait!  He stressed the importance of listening to those who have walked before me.  At the same time he elaborated about the uniqueness of his organization as its main membership was composed of an elite of wealthy people.  He went on to say that generally the rich do not share their wealth building secrets.  Quite to the contrary.  They keep their secrets to themselves, hidden and protected.  No doubt he was impressing upon me the rarity of this opportunity.

How interesting, I thought.  If the rich have such abundance of wealth, why then do they need to protect their wealth building secrets?  Why not share them with the world?  Could it be that they fear there not being enough for everyone to go around?  That there is a limited sized pie and the more people partake in it the smaller the pieces for everyone?  Isn’t that in fact an attitude of scarcity and lack?  And if in deed it is important for me to listen to those who have walked before me how will these people teach me an attitude of abundance with their obvious attitude of lack?

In deed the information on the tapes proved invaluable to me, quite the lesson in abundance actually, no doubt inspired by my spirit, but probably not in the way that the life coach or the gentleman on the tape had intended.  In short, upon my listening to those tapes, I drew two conclusions.  Having a lot of money doesn’t require an attitude of abundance nor does it seem to produce one.  Ultimately I resolved that abundance has absolutely nothing to do with money!

Because even when we have a lot of money we can still feel insecure and fear not having enough.  Because no matter how much we have, there will always be the possibility of running out.

So, what then is abundance really all about?

*** To be Continued ***

My Thoughts on Independence Day

independence declI’ve been contemplating our recent holiday, 4th of July Independence Day and the history behind it.  Undoubtedly it has been a big holiday for the United States.  So, what exactly did we become independent from?   Apparently the 13 colonies back in 1776 were not pleased with the new system which required them to pay taxes on imports of paper, paint, lead, glass and tea.  Ah yes, the popular Boston Tea Party!  From what I can gather our independence was all about freedom from taxation, taxation without representation and freedom from governmental control.  As such in 1776 the 13 colonies declared their independence from the British government, which ultimately lead to the establishment of the United States.

In my contemplation I asked myself just how much of that freedom do we still own today while celebrating our independence?  When looking at what we are being taxed on today, the more appropriate question is “what are we not being taxed on today?”  I wonder just how many people feel properly represented by their government these days?  Just recently I was taken aback noticing how many taxes I was paying on a basic commodity such as food.  I recall a time when that wasn’t the case.  I thought to myself, I don’t remember voting for that.  What happened?   Obviously somebody had thought it was a good idea.  What’s happening to our freedom amidst all the laws, regulations and taxation we keep putting into effect?  Consider the possibility that every time we vote for a new law we give up just a little bit more of our freedom.  It doesn’t matter who voted for it.  It affects us all!

Notice for a moment how laws are being put into effect in an attempt to control someone’s behavior.  Be it a leash law for dogs or mandating the purchase of medical insurance.  Good, bad or ugly ultimately it forces someone’s behavior.  No matter whether we agree with it or not, the irony is that we don’t get more freedom by exerting control, we just get more control.  In the end, we all end up with less choices and more restrictions.

I hate to bring up the example of mandated medical insurance which has been such controversial subject amongst many.  I recently had a conversation with someone about the issue.  They were convinced that some folks who don’t purchase medical insurance go to the emergency room for free and thus drive the cost of health care up for everyone.  So, out of fear of rising costs and to control those folk’s behavior that person was for mandating medical insurance.  But consider for a moment that acting from fear just creates more of that which we are afraid.   And consider for a moment that exerting control on someone else only creates more control for ourselves.  It is based on the principle that like energy attracts like energy.

Now consider for a moment the possibility that the solution isn’t in everyone having medical insurance.  What if the solution lies in everyone using more alternative health care methods and eating healthier foods without preservatives which ultimately would render us more healthy, not needing medical insurance.   However, now because we have exerted control over all those folks who don’t buy medical insurance, we in fact have put up a road block for ourselves in creating naturally something new and different which ultimately would benefit us all in ways our minds can’t conceive of yet.   Isn’t it ultimately going to be more costly for us to pay for two systems?  The one system we are moving out of, which isn’t working for us any longer but is covered by medical insurance and the new system which is not covered by medical insurance and which we are more and more gravitating toward?  So much for keeping down the costs.  In my experience control strangles life and the natural flow.  …and when we act from fear we just create more of that which we don’t want.

So, where did our precious freedom go?  Well, it seems we’ve been giving it away – little by little.  I see more and more people unhappy with life and our government.  However, being that the British are out of the picture, whom do we declare our independence from today?   Our government?   Suppose we got rid of our government,what’s to prevent us from creating another just like it?  We have done exactly that since the declaration of our independence from Britain in 1776?   We have created the government we have today.

Well, I venture to say that if we want different results we must declare our independence from the very energies we used to create with that which we have today; energies such as fear, force and control.  When was the last time you, yes you, acted from fear?  When was the last time you attempted to force or control someone’s behavior?  …punished or threatened your child to get them to do what you wanted?  …or voted for a law forcing someone’s behavior you didn’t like?

Oh, I do believe we can change the world.  But the only way we’ll change  our world is by changing ourselves from within!

Happy Independence!