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Calling All Spiritual Warriors

To all the Wellness Practitioners and Healers out there!

How much of an impact do you want to make in the world?

It is of utmost importance to work on yourself so that you may rise out of your own darkness! …if you truly want to make an impact.

I noticed that a lot of you are not working on yourselves, thinking perhaps it doesn’t make a difference, but it does!

Or you think you are working on yourself, but you aren’t.

Avoiding your darkness is NOT rising above it!

You are creating your reality with what is in your vibration!

You would not believe how many times I have spoken with clients who have claimed to have worked on certain issues and were done with them, only to connect with them on a deeper level and find out they were far from done with those issues.

Whether you are aware or not, those unresolved issues are a part of your vibration with which you are creating your reality every day!

Some of you are Eagles, hiding among the Chickens! It’s time to spread your wings and fly!

A lot of you are still hiding in the spiritual closet, my friends! It’s time to come out, into the light!

Today you don’t have to walk your darkness alone!

And you don’t have to take years and lifetimes to do so. You can do it much faster now, for example, through Quantum Healing, a much deeper level of transformation.

I now facilitate and teach Quantum Healing and can take you on your own personal journey deep within yourself, and connect you with your present and past life unresolved experiences, help you heal them, and move you through your darkness much faster than you could ever do on your own. It’s time to shine your light!

I also teach Quantum Healing and critical Soul Wisdom to help you help others move through their darkness much faster. ….an added tool to your wellness practice to create miracles with.

Check out the Quantum Healing Basic Training starting in February 2020!

The work I do is also referred to Multi-Dimensional Healing and Akashic Field Healing.



Get out of your own way…

You ever wondered how to get out of your own way? Watch the video below… 

Join me for the “Introduction To Self Actualization Workshop for Light Workers” workshop on Saturday, January 27th, 2018     Noon-4pm   in Lakewood, Colorado

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Introduction To Self-Healing & Spiritual Growth Program

Are you ready for more out of life?

Are you tired of meaningless struggles?  Are you tired of feeling stuck?

Are you ready to evolve beyond where you are?

Are you ready to fully realize yourself?


I would like to introduce to you a program I have compiled to pass onto you my wisdom and teach you how to self-heal, a program that will put you on the fast track of self-discovery, spiritual growth and transformation, and continue to help you evolve with the guidance of your higher self into the full expression of your magnificent self.

For more details, click here. 

The Revolution Special

In light of the recent protests and marches against president Trump and for women’s rights, the public outrage and outcry is actually about our inadequacies, insecurities, fear, powerlessness, the degraded or dis-empowered feminine, and all the issues that stem from times we were wounded in our past, which we have not fully resolved.   It is NOT a reaction to the present, but rather a reaction to our painful past, triggered by the present.  While blaming others, screaming it into the universe, or damaging property may be a desperate attempt at reconnecting with our inner power, unfortunately it will ultimately not resolve our deeper pain.

While President Trump is the change agent of our time and is bringing out our deep seated unresolved issues, it is not his job to fix anyone.  The real answer is the healing of our soul and the resolution of our past.   If Nazism is in the forefront of our mind, then we must heal our past lives we spent in Nazi camps, or perhaps participated in killing others.

We first must take responsibility for our emotions and our pain in order to affect change.  We can’t change the elections!  We can’t change Trump.  But we can change ourselves!  Right now it is NOT about political issues!  It is about our issues!  It is about healing our pain!  We are more than ever before being supported by the divine universe to heal our past, heal our wounds, gather the lost pieces of ourselves and repair our fractured soul.   …so that we may all move to a better plane of existence, one much higher in vibration.

All the protests, marches, anger and hostility are a signs of just how much healing is needed.   All the old and unresolved is coming to the surface.  The numbers are staggering of the amount of people in need of healing.

So, I call upon you today to take part in this global revolution, not by protesting, but rather by working on yourself, by healing you, by being the change you desire to see in the world. Because every time you heal a part of yourself, not only do you improve your life, but you contribute to the global pool of consciousness and the healing and betterment of all.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything that happens to you, whether you have an accident, or you have a health issue you are struggling with, whether you feel like your world is falling apart because Trump got elected, or a person in your life is being a thorn in your side, whether a loved one betrayed you, or you are simply feeling stuck…..

Everything that happens to you happens for a reason, has its purpose and is a part of your spiritual journey to help your soul achieve its deepest desires.

You can feel sorry for yourself and blame the world for what you are experiencing or you can take this opportunity to grow and move forward in your spiritual journey.  The choice is always yours.

If you would like professional assistance on your sacred journey, please feel free to contact me.  I would be delighted to help.


Your Teacher, Mentor & Speaker, Facilitating Soul Advancement & Transformational Healing

What Most Supports Life In This Moment?

The BoatThe Boat


This is my new painting called “The Boat”.  It is inspired by my own personal spiritual journey, as learned through the workings with my mentor Erika Niemann.

As we move into living life from the inside, rather than from the outside looking in, controlling every aspect of it becomes nearly impossible, as it is much like swimming in a river.  Overwhelming and impossible to control.   Life is rich, colorful and multifaceted with a lots of currents that can pull us into different directions.  However, if we learn to work with life, trust and allow life to support and carry us, we may find an unprecedented peace, impossible to experience by living life from the outside looking in, fending for ourselves.

The best way to be in a symbiotic relationship with life and allow life to support us is by asking ourselves: “What most supports life in this moment?”   The question puts us into the boat.   The key to being supported by life is being in the boat.


What is Spiritual Healing & What are the Benefits?

There are so many therapies out there these days that call themselves Spiritual Healing, but most people don’t know what Spiritual Healing actually is, or the many ways they can benefit.

…click below and watch the video about Spiritual Healing and how you too can change your life for the better.

So, you think you might have met your Twin Flame?

And if so, then perhaps you are wondering how to deal with the intensity?  Here is a bit of information that may help you gain some clarity.  Let’s first answer a few questions.

1004878_485959011493545_1377299262_nSo, you’ve met your match made in heaven?

You are so intensely drawn to this person, it’s almost scary?

Your heavenly match behaves in a way that is emotionally painful or upsetting to you?

The intensity between the two of you is almost too much?  You haven’t felt anything like it before?il_570xN.591630749_l1wz

Sometimes all you want to do is move to never-never-land, disconnect your phone and burn all bridges behind you?

It’s too painful to be with them and too painful to be without them?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ALL THE QUESTIONS, most likely you have met your Twin Flame and have some baggage to work through.


754083-800x600-103197435xxynlw_ph1A Twin Flame is literally the other half of your soul.  You were born as one soul at one point in time and then split into two.  Each of you has become a whole separate individual.  Twin Flames love each other unconditionally.  No matter what they have been through, they will always love each other.  You will never experience this kind of love with anyone else.  Right now Twin Flames are coming together in record numbers for the purpose of healing, working out old karma and spiritual growth.

Because we are in the midst of a spiritual energetic shift and we are moving into higher dimensions, it is of utmost importance that we resolve our personal karma.  This is an integral part of the process of increasing our personal vibration, making it possible for each individual to rise into the higher dimensions.

 Twin Flames mirror each other one hundred percent, thus forcing each other to deal with all their baggage.  By baggage I am referring to the unresolved painful experiences from our past.  I also call this karma.  It is this unresolved business that adds significantly to the intensity between Twin Flames.   It feels much like stabbing a knife into an old wound.  On a spiritual level the hope is that when we connect with our baggage, we will resolve it.  The natural process of resolving our karma on the physical plane may take years, even lifetimes of creating and living out the drama of our unresolved issues trying to learn our lessons.  With spiritual healing this can be accomplished in a matter of hours. 

Twin Flame Pic 1 2I personally have experienced the Twin Flame phenomenon.  In 2005 I unsuspectingly met my Twin Flame.  It was such a profound experience I wrote a book about it, “Meeting My Twin Flame”.  I quickly learned that the only escape from the painful parts of the relationship was spiritual healing.  One can easily feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in a TF relationship.  While it can be excruciatingly painful to be with your Twin Flame, it can be just as painful to be apart from them.  And sometimes Twin Flames need to separate before coming back together again because of their baggage.

The best advice I ever got was from a shaman to make medicine out of it!  Thus I will tell you, focus on yourself and resolving your own baggage.  It doesn’t matter what your TF does or doesn’t do.  You don’t have any control over what they do anyway.  Your Twin Flame, like everyone else, has free will.  Keep in mind that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.  I’ve come to learn that the hard way.  Also, most likely your Twin Flame is busy mirroring your baggage to you and therefore can’t move on until you heal your stuff.  However, you can do your part and heal yourself and resolve your baggage, bringing you closer to coming together with your TF in a more healthy way.  Even if you are just working on yourself, the spiritual healing will shift the relationship dynamic enough to cause your TF to change at least their responds to you.

523509_242821195820944_1142290982_nThere is a place in the gulf of Alaska where two oceans meet, but do not mix.  It is like the perfect relationship.  You meet in the middle, but you don’t lose yourself in the other.  You remain two whole and independent individuals in a healthy relationship with self and each other.  And that is the ultimate goal you want to achieve.

If any of this resonates with you, I would like to guide you through your personal spiritual healing journey that will ultimately help you achieve harmony with your Twin Flame.

This is a life changing process that will improve every aspect of your life.

If you are uncertain whether you have actually met your Twin Flame or whether spiritual healing would benefit you, you might consider a 30 min clairvoyant reading and consultation with me to gain clarity about your specific situation.

If you are ready to resolve your karma and improve your life, 

Call to setup your appointment today!


 Not quite ready to take this much action? 

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Also you may like to watch my video “Introduction to Twin Flames”

When will I meet my soul mate?

Recently I’ve been hearing this particular question a lot, “So, when will I meet my soul mate?”  Well, it inspired me to write a blog about the subject of soul mates.  Let me begin by saying that if there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that life is a never ending learning process.  And I ceased to desire a normal life a long time ago, for what is normal anyway?

For whatever reason there seems to exist this ideology that when we refer to a soul mate we are strictly talking about a romantic partner who is the perfect match for us and thus will meet our every need, be at our every bec and call, fill our heart with love and we’ll be smooth sailing in bliss forever after.  Well, I must ask then, “Are you ready?”, for if this is true of soul mates, then there must be someone else out there waiting for you to do and be all that for them.

It never ceases to amaze me how much we tend to seek from others that which we need to do most for ourselves.  And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there done that.  I too once was seeking the ideal or right partner who would do and be all those wonderful things for me.  But, how can we expect others to love us when we don’t love ourselves?  Your husband or wife doesn’t appreciate you, you say?  Then I must ask, where do you not appreciate yourself?  For others are merely mirrors of how we treat ourselves.

To the contrary of popular belief it is not necessarily our romantic partner who is our soul mate.  Nor do we have only one soul mate.  Nor does it mean that because our partner has hurt us or hasn’t met our expectations that they are not our soul mate.  Sometimes the person we least expect can be our soul mate.  May be it is one of our children whom we don’t have time for because we are all consumed with work.  It could be one of our parents whom we forgot to call because we are too pre-occupied with trying to find our soul mate.  Or maybe it is that friend with whom we haven’t spoken for years.  And sometimes it’s our fury pet who is always by our side but whom we hardly think about.  And other times it’s that boyfriend or girlfriend who took off with all our money and brought us to financial ruin because we wanted to learn a lesson about money.

The best definition of a soul mate I can produce is a soul with whom we’ve traveled in other life times.  We all have multiple soul mates.  In fact, souls tend to travel in soul groups or soul families from one life time to the next.  In my own spiritual journey I have discovered that my mother and I are soul mates, for example.  I know that in another life time she had been my grand daughter and I her grand mother and yet in another life she had been my daughter and I her mother.  And I’m sure there are many more lives we’ve shared.  My mother and I have always had a close connection with each other to the point of sometimes knowing what the other thinks.  We’ve always supported each other in our journeys even across the ocean miles.  My mother resides in Europe and I don’t get to see her very often.  However, her and I are close in heart and soul – and the heart and soul spans all physical distances.

Yet another soul mate of mine is my son, who is very dear to me.  We’ve traveled many lifetimes together as well, playing different roles for each other.  We too have supported each other on many journeys.  And I have discovered that at least two of my friends are my soul mates as well.  We all support each other in different ways.

Then there is my significant other, who is a very unique soul mate indeed.  He is what one might call my twin soul or twin flame.  For those of you who are interested, I will write another blog explaining more closely about twin flames.  For now, I will just say that he is a perfect mirror image of myself and literally the other half of my soul with a bond so strong it reminds me of the song “Hotel California”, by the Eagles.  “You can check out anytime, but you can never leave!”  You think that’s great?  Try it when you’re in pain and want nothing more than to get away.  The ideal mate and smooth sailing, you ask?  Far from it.  The most painful and difficult relationship I have ever experienced. But don’t get me wrong.  It’s also been one of the most profound, amazing and rewarding relationships.  And in the end I’ve come to realize that it is not about finding the right partner or soul mate.  It’s never been about that.  Rather it’s been about finding myself.  But one thing is for certain, you must be ready to meet your twin soul for they will challenge you to your chore.  Sometimes the hardest thing is to look at ourselves.

So to sum it up, some soul mates are there to support us in our journey, others to help us learn lessons, others to help us heal our pasts and yet others to help us grow spiritually and find ourselves.  Ultimately all relationships are about learning about ourselves.  And ultimately we must first meet our own needs and fill our own hearts with love.  No other can do it for us!  We must first achieve that ideal relationship with ourselves before we can even begin to expect to achieve it with another.

But whatever your journey, I want you to know that you are being supported in many ways.  Every person and all the events in your life are there because you have drawn them there, including reading this blog.  What you do with them is up to you.  In the end it’s all about you.  It’s always been about you.