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The Revolution Special

In light of the recent protests and marches against president Trump and for women’s rights, the public outrage and outcry is actually about our inadequacies, insecurities, fear, powerlessness, the degraded or dis-empowered feminine, and all the issues that stem from times we were wounded in our past, which we have not fully resolved.   It is NOT a reaction to the present, but rather a reaction to our painful past, triggered by the present.  While blaming others, screaming it into the universe, or damaging property may be a desperate attempt at reconnecting with our inner power, unfortunately it will ultimately not resolve our deeper pain.

While President Trump is the change agent of our time and is bringing out our deep seated unresolved issues, it is not his job to fix anyone.  The real answer is the healing of our soul and the resolution of our past.   If Nazism is in the forefront of our mind, then we must heal our past lives we spent in Nazi camps, or perhaps participated in killing others.

We first must take responsibility for our emotions and our pain in order to affect change.  We can’t change the elections!  We can’t change Trump.  But we can change ourselves!  Right now it is NOT about political issues!  It is about our issues!  It is about healing our pain!  We are more than ever before being supported by the divine universe to heal our past, heal our wounds, gather the lost pieces of ourselves and repair our fractured soul.   …so that we may all move to a better plane of existence, one much higher in vibration.

All the protests, marches, anger and hostility are a signs of just how much healing is needed.   All the old and unresolved is coming to the surface.  The numbers are staggering of the amount of people in need of healing.

So, I call upon you today to take part in this global revolution, not by protesting, but rather by working on yourself, by healing you, by being the change you desire to see in the world. Because every time you heal a part of yourself, not only do you improve your life, but you contribute to the global pool of consciousness and the healing and betterment of all.

Dealing with Anger?

  088-photomanipulations-fire Anger is such a powerful emotion!  It is so powerful, it can be down right scary.  Scary, when directed at us.  Scary, when we are feeling it.  It can overwhelm us.  It can make us feel out of control.  It can also provide a momentary false sense of power.  However, acting from anger hardly ever gives us the results we really desire.

In our society, we desperately try to control it with anger management.

But, we can do one better!

Behind every anger there is a story, a story that wants to be heard.  Anger actually comes from a wounded place and a deep sense of powerlessness.

Perhaps you have anger issues.  Or perhaps you are reading this because a loved one is directing their anger at you, which only means that deep down you carry your own anger.  However, you may have buried it so deep you don’t even know it’s there.  Your loved one is mirroring it to you.

And yes, while your loved one may have their own anger issues, remember that you can’t change someone else.  You can only change yourself!  You have been guided to read this for a reason.

If you are ready do deal with the anger in your life, I am ready to help you uncover the story behind it and heal the wound underneath, wherever it may take us.

Watch anger dissipate and peace set in, as you find resolution within, and connect with your true power.

Call for your appointment today!




Whom Does Forgiveness Ultimately Benefit?

Forgiveness is an interesting subject.  I use the energy of forgiveness in my healing practices all the time …because it heals.  When we forgive we also let go of our feelings of anger, pain, resentment and hostility.  It actually takes a lot of energy to hold on to and maintain negative emotions such as anger.  Withholding forgiveness is like drinking venom attempting to poison our enemy.  And yet, some of us can’t or won’t forgive.  Why is the act of forgiveness so difficult?

Is it because we think that by forgiving we release the other person from their responsibility of their actions and thus they will not have to pay for what they did?  Or is it because we so desperately try to feel powerful thinking that by withholding our forgiveness we can make the other suffer?

But, why do we want to take on the responsibility of making someone else pay?  In our universe, every action has its price regardless.  We all must pay our dues.  We all have our lessons to learn.  And ultimately we all stand before our own personal judge.  Do we really have the power to make the other suffer?   We may go through the motions and at best hope that our actions cause the other person pain.  But what the other person actually chooses to feels is up to them.  We don’t have control over someone else’s feelings.  Just like no one can make us forgive when we don’t want to.  It’s an internal job.  We only have as much power over someone else as they allow us to have.  By the same token, someone else has only as much power over us as we allow them.

So, how do we get feeling so powerless?  Well, when we blame someone else, when we hold another person responsible for our circumstances, we automatically render ourselves powerless.  By giving away our personal responsibility we also give away our power.  On the other hand, when we recognize our part in the creation of our reality and we assume personal responsibility and truly own our creation, whether painful or wonderful, only then do we also own our power.

Why do we try so hard to affect change where we cannot affect it?  Life only becomes hard when we set ourselves up with impossibilities by taking on someone else’s responsibility and giving away our own.  Ultimately the only change we can affect is within ourselves.

But why is it our responsibility when someone else hurts us, you may ask?  I know this may be difficult for some to accept, but every event, every person in our lives is there because we have drawn them there.  Maybe it was karma balancing itself out from another lifetime.  Maybe we wanted to learn something and had a soul contract with the other person to help teach us.  Or maybe we are repeating history because our soul wants us to finally heal our past.  Whatever the reason, we created our circumstances.  Only when we accept what is truly ours, do we fully stand in our power.  And it is then when forgiveness becomes easy because there is no need to hold a grudge against anyone else.  In fact, it’s never been about anyone else.  It’s always been about ourselves.  And all there is left is the pain we need to heal and the wisdom it holds for us.  …and forgiveness will help us do that.