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So, you think you might have met your Twin Flame?

And if so, then perhaps you are wondering how to deal with the intensity?  Here is a bit of information that may help you gain some clarity.  Let’s first answer a few questions.

1004878_485959011493545_1377299262_nSo, you’ve met your match made in heaven?

You are so intensely drawn to this person, it’s almost scary?

Your heavenly match behaves in a way that is emotionally painful or upsetting to you?

The intensity between the two of you is almost too much?  You haven’t felt anything like it before?il_570xN.591630749_l1wz

Sometimes all you want to do is move to never-never-land, disconnect your phone and burn all bridges behind you?

It’s too painful to be with them and too painful to be without them?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ALL THE QUESTIONS, most likely you have met your Twin Flame and have some baggage to work through.


754083-800x600-103197435xxynlw_ph1A Twin Flame is literally the other half of your soul.  You were born as one soul at one point in time and then split into two.  Each of you has become a whole separate individual.  Twin Flames love each other unconditionally.  No matter what they have been through, they will always love each other.  You will never experience this kind of love with anyone else.  Right now Twin Flames are coming together in record numbers for the purpose of healing, working out old karma and spiritual growth.

Because we are in the midst of a spiritual energetic shift and we are moving into higher dimensions, it is of utmost importance that we resolve our personal karma.  This is an integral part of the process of increasing our personal vibration, making it possible for each individual to rise into the higher dimensions.

 Twin Flames mirror each other one hundred percent, thus forcing each other to deal with all their baggage.  By baggage I am referring to the unresolved painful experiences from our past.  I also call this karma.  It is this unresolved business that adds significantly to the intensity between Twin Flames.   It feels much like stabbing a knife into an old wound.  On a spiritual level the hope is that when we connect with our baggage, we will resolve it.  The natural process of resolving our karma on the physical plane may take years, even lifetimes of creating and living out the drama of our unresolved issues trying to learn our lessons.  With spiritual healing this can be accomplished in a matter of hours. 

Twin Flame Pic 1 2I personally have experienced the Twin Flame phenomenon.  In 2005 I unsuspectingly met my Twin Flame.  It was such a profound experience I wrote a book about it, “Meeting My Twin Flame”.  I quickly learned that the only escape from the painful parts of the relationship was spiritual healing.  One can easily feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in a TF relationship.  While it can be excruciatingly painful to be with your Twin Flame, it can be just as painful to be apart from them.  And sometimes Twin Flames need to separate before coming back together again because of their baggage.

The best advice I ever got was from a shaman to make medicine out of it!  Thus I will tell you, focus on yourself and resolving your own baggage.  It doesn’t matter what your TF does or doesn’t do.  You don’t have any control over what they do anyway.  Your Twin Flame, like everyone else, has free will.  Keep in mind that you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.  I’ve come to learn that the hard way.  Also, most likely your Twin Flame is busy mirroring your baggage to you and therefore can’t move on until you heal your stuff.  However, you can do your part and heal yourself and resolve your baggage, bringing you closer to coming together with your TF in a more healthy way.  Even if you are just working on yourself, the spiritual healing will shift the relationship dynamic enough to cause your TF to change at least their responds to you.

523509_242821195820944_1142290982_nThere is a place in the gulf of Alaska where two oceans meet, but do not mix.  It is like the perfect relationship.  You meet in the middle, but you don’t lose yourself in the other.  You remain two whole and independent individuals in a healthy relationship with self and each other.  And that is the ultimate goal you want to achieve.

If any of this resonates with you, I would like to guide you through your personal spiritual healing journey that will ultimately help you achieve harmony with your Twin Flame.

This is a life changing process that will improve every aspect of your life.

If you are uncertain whether you have actually met your Twin Flame or whether spiritual healing would benefit you, you might consider a 30 min clairvoyant reading and consultation with me to gain clarity about your specific situation.

If you are ready to resolve your karma and improve your life, 

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Relax, it’s not up to us to figure out the “How”


Recently I was reminded of a little truth that gave me big peace of mind.  It is not up to us to figure out the “how”.  Our spirit and the universe always guides us to help us achieve our soul’s aspirations.  It is up to us to listen and follow the guidance.  If we are trying to control the “how” we’re missing the boat because the more we try to control, the more we strangle life in the process and cheat ourselves out of the opportunities designed to help us achieve our soul’s desires.  I know it is easier said than done.  I personally have lost count of the number of times I have done just that – tried to control the “how”, often wondering in frustration why things weren’t working the way I thought they should.

An image comes to mind of my dad swimming in a public pool with my brother who at the time was maybe around 5 years old.  My brother not knowing how to swim and somewhat afraid of the water hung tight around my dad’s neck for the ride of his life.  As my dad tried to swim and submerged himself more into the water, my brother tightened his grip around my dad’s neck.  As my brother held on tighter and tighter it became harder and harder for my dad to swim until eventually my dad,being choked by my brother, started going under.   This in turn caused my brother to choke my dad even harder.  Luckily for the lifeguard who picked up on the seriousness of the situation and came to the rescue while everyone else thought that my dad and my brother were just playing and providing entertainment for everyone.

Well, ’tis the same with life.  How tight is your grip?

I for one have recently published my book “Meeting My Twin Flame”, a personal memoir about my spiritual awakening, a journey my spirit and the universe took me on which I couldn’t have possibly dreamed up in a million years.  I do remember setting some goals, however, prior to my journey.  I am now realizing how miniscual my goals were in comparison to what I received throughout this profound journey; my soul’s true passion and expression.

By the way my book is now available in a variety of ebook formats on www.smashwords.com at http://www.smashwords.com/b/319420 or in kindle format on www.amazon.com.

How much peace of mind would you have if you knew that your spirit and the universe would figure out the “how to” for you?  All you would have to do is listen and follow.  And what would you dare to do if you knew that your spirit and the universe had your back all the time?