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The Reality of Phantom Pain

Pain is such an interesting subject.  So many of us suffer from it.  Many of us choose to disconnect from it.  It is no wonder that the number one addiction in the United States is pain killers.  Amongst the different forms of pain, I’m interested in addressing physical pain in this particular blog.

Pain is energetically heavy and is part of our 3rd dimensional experience.  As vibrations continue to increase on our planet as part of our ascension process, you may find yourself faced with more pain more persistently than ever before, particularly by what I call phantom pain which comes from our unresolved experiences.  The reason for this is the pressing urgency for us to complete our unresolved experiences in order to raise our personal vibration to keep up with the planet’s increasing vibrations.

What I mean by phantom pain is physical pain for which there seems no apparent reason.  In other words, you may have never injured your leg and yet suddenly your leg starts hurting.  You can blame it on the weather or the way you sit or stand or sleep, however, most likely it is the result of a triggered or activated unresolved experience which contains physical pain.

Our subconscious mind records all of our physical pain, whether unconscious during a surgery or conscious during an injury.  Unresolved physical pain from past lifetimes is imprinted in our bodies when we are born.  Thus, for example, when our leg starts hurting even though we may think we never injured it, the injury may have actually occurred in a another lifetime.  We are just not aware of it.

Phantom pain is simply pain you sustained sometime in the past that was recorded by your subconscious mind and is being re-activated by touch, motion or circumstances and it is very real.  In fact, your body can’t tell the difference between pain happening right now and re-activated pain from the past.  We feel it just the same in both instances, although the re-activated pain may no longer carry the same intensity.   You may be experiencing only a very small fraction of the original pain.  Nonetheless, it hurts and can be quite uncomfortable.

Fortunately such pain can be alleviated through spiritual healing.  So, whether you have been in a severe car wreck or undergone surgery and keep re-experiencing pain in certain areas of your body long after all is healed, or you have pain show up for no apparent reason, I have healed many such pains within myself and others.

I’ll share with you one such example.  Recently a client came to me with hip pain she had been experiencing for the past 20 years.  Over the course of those years she had seen a variety of doctors, including alternative healthcare practitioners like acupuncturists and chiropractors, neither of which could find anything wrong with her hip nor were able to alleviate her pain.  She was finally told that it was probably arthritis.  In one 90 min session with me, I helped her return to a past lifetime in which the pain in her hip originated.  After the session her pain was completely gone, never to return again.  You may read her personal testimony on my website under “Testimonials”.

While it is not always possible to find resolution in just one session because quite often we carry layers of our unresolved issues, the fact that it is possible to resolve, begs the question as to whether surgeries like hip replacements are really necessary?  What if we could spiritually heal what is going on in our hips or in any other part of our body?  The other school of thought is that while we cut out a piece of ourselves, does it complete our unresolved experience, which calls for resolution on a spiritual level?  And if not resolved, will that pain then manifest in other ways or be imprinted in our next body?  Do we really get away with just cutting a piece of ourselves out?  And while trying to eliminate pain with surgery, aren’t we in fact inflicting more pain on ourselves?  …just leaving you with some food for thought.