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Healing Into Abundance

Abundance is what we naturally already have.  It’s all around us.
So, why do some of us feel like we can’t quite access it, like we don’t have enough?
Ultimately it has everything to do with how we feel on the inside.  Our reality is a mere reflection of our inner self.
We cannot change our feeling of not having enough by earning more money.

A classic example is a recent client testimonial:
“I always held two jobs, even though one job provided me with more than enough money to live very comfortably.  In spite of things, I never felt I had enough, no matter how much money I made.  Since completing numerous healing sessions with Dagmar, I feel a sense of calm I never felt before, and I finally feel that I can hold onto my money.  I now give money away and it comes right back to me.  …without any effort on my part.  What a great feeling not having to worry anymore!  I can now relax and enjoy life.”

…but we can change the feeling of  not having enough by reconciling deep within ourselves our unresolved experiences.

The Addictive Sense of Hurry

Are you always in a hurry?

We seem to predominantly live in a culture that is constantly in a hurry.  But where are we going in such a hurry?  And when do we arrive?  I challenge you to take a different viewpoint.

Notice how nature never hurries, yet everything gets accomplished.

So, why do we feel like we need to hurry?   Why do we feel that we don’t have time to stop and smell the roses?  I venture to suggest that your need to hurry comes from an underlying belief of “not enough”.  You don’t have enough time.  You don’t have enough money.  You simply don’t have enough.  Your relationship with your world is based on scarcity rather than abundance, which incidentally can be remedied through spiritual healing.  It is absolutely an inside job!  You can’t fix it out there, no matter how much time or money you throw at it.  It will never be enough.  Your deep seated belief will just keep manifesting itself in the form of you constantly chasing your tail and never catching up.  I admit though, it’s quite addictive – trying to catch your tail.

Are you ready to STOP

…and enjoy life?