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Healing Into Abundance

Abundance is what we naturally already have.  It’s all around us.
So, why do some of us feel like we can’t quite access it, like we don’t have enough?
Ultimately it has everything to do with how we feel on the inside.  Our reality is a mere reflection of our inner self.
We cannot change our feeling of not having enough by earning more money.

A classic example is a recent client testimonial:
“I always held two jobs, even though one job provided me with more than enough money to live very comfortably.  In spite of things, I never felt I had enough, no matter how much money I made.  Since completing numerous healing sessions with Dagmar, I feel a sense of calm I never felt before, and I finally feel that I can hold onto my money.  I now give money away and it comes right back to me.  …without any effort on my part.  What a great feeling not having to worry anymore!  I can now relax and enjoy life.”

…but we can change the feeling of  not having enough by reconciling deep within ourselves our unresolved experiences.

What is Abundance, Really? Part II


In Part I of my blog I concluded that abundance has nothing to do with money, as I have observed that even in the presents of a lot of money we can still experience fear of not having enough.

So, what exactly is abundance?  Where does it come from?  And how do we acquire it?

Consider for a moment that abundance is a sense of knowing with certainty that there is enough, unaccompanied by any fear or worry.  Much like how we feel about the air we breathe.  Do we worry every time we take a breath whether there will be enough air?  No.  We just breathe.  And every time we draw a breath, indeed there is enough.  Could we have the same sense of knowing about love, friends, water, food, clothing, shelter, beauty, resources, success, fun and even money?

Consider the possibility that abundance is available to us as part of our natural flow of life, much like the air we breathe.  Now consider for a moment that our spirit and the divine energy we are a part of is the source of life that nourishes us and is our timeless and limitless resource we will never run out of!  When we are connected to this life force we have access to all the abundance that already exists.  Thus our sense of knowing that there is enough comes from our connection to our life source, our spirit.

Why then do some of us not experience this sense of knowing, but rather to the contrary?  Why do some of us experience fear of not having enough or fear of running out?  Why do some of us experience lack in the midst of such abundance?

We all have experienced fear at some point or another.  Interestingly, it seems that in the moment of experiencing fear we also feel most disconnected from spirit, the very essence of life that nourishes and creates.  And when we act from fear we strangle the natural flow of life thus blocking our access to the abundance that already is.

Fear seems an effective survival mechanism in emergencies warning us of anything life threatening.  However, it doesn’t seem to serve us as well in the long run.  I’m talking about the fear we experience in the face of no immediate threat.  Where does it come from and why do we feel it?

Throughout my years of spiritual healing I have come to learn that fear comes from our unresolved past and exists in the presents of pain.  If we have previously been bitten by a dog, we now may fear dogs.  If we have previously experienced starvation, we may now be experiencing fear of not having enough to eat.  If we have previously experienced poverty, we may now be experiencing fear of not having enough resources to survive.  You get the picture.  While you are thinking about your own life experiences, consider the possibility that you may have lived more than once.

It is in the wake of our unresolved experiences we view the world through the glasses of fear and not only do we see the world as such, but we create the world as such.  Consider the possibility that we manifest our reality and we do so energetically.  Thus when we carry in our energy field unresolved experiences, we also create with them.  In other words, if we carry a fear of not having enough, our reality will reflect it by “not having enough”.  Our reality always reflects our spiritual energy because we create with it.

In conclusion, limitless abundance is available to us as part of our spiritual energy and natural flow of life.  However, unhealed pain distorts our reality and disconnects us from our natural way of being.

In “Part I” of my blog I ask the question “just how much money is enough?”  In light of our new perspective, I would like to answer that question by saying that no amount of money will ever be enough!  Not if we are attempting to suffocate our fears and worries with money!  How do I know this?  Well, lets just say I’ve attempted this for years!  Without much success, I might add.

We will never fix what’s inside of us with an external remedy.  No amount of money will substitute the power of our spiritual energy.  However, once we remedy what’s inside of us, we have a chance at seeing it reflected in our reality by actually experiencing having enough.

So, how then do we eliminate fear and worry, if all the money in the world can’t?  How do we get back to our natural state of being where we are properly connected to our life source?

In my personal experience, spiritual healing will do just that. Fear exists in the presents of pain.  I’m talking about the pain we have experienced but haven’t fully digested.  In the process of healing, as we integrate our painful experiences and transform our pain into wisdom, fear dissipates.  In the absence of fear and worry we can properly connect with our inner self, our essence, our life source and all the abundance that already exists with our natural state of being.

My wish for you then is that in your search for abundance you may find yourself and discover that you are the abundance you seek!

May you experience real abundance!


What is Abundance, really? Part I

moneu    By its own virtue abundance seems to suggest that there is enough.  I always thought having abundance meant having enough money.  But just how much money is enough?  Think about it.  How much money would you need in order to feel that you have enough?  What’s the magic number?  How much is enough?

I have met people who make six figure incomes and still don’t feel they have enough.  What about corporate America and its millions in earnings and all their greed?  Incidentally, greed comes from an attitude of scarcity.  Why then all the greed in such a sea of abundance?

Some time ago I met a life coach who was also a big believer of “The Secret”, which is all about the “Law of Attraction”.  She told me I needed to change my attitude and the way I spoke.  How do you ever expect to have abundance when talking about not having enough?  Your attitude projects scarcity.  She had a point.  In the process of building my business I tended to voice my frustrations.  We manifest what we think about, she continued, and invited me to listen to some tapes intending to help me acquire an attitude of abundance.  Ok, it made sense.  Maybe I had something to learn here, I thought, and accepted her invitation.

As I listened to the first tape, a male voice started talking about an organization that, upon my joining, would teach me all the secrets of building wealth.  I couldn’t wait!  He stressed the importance of listening to those who have walked before me.  At the same time he elaborated about the uniqueness of his organization as its main membership was composed of an elite of wealthy people.  He went on to say that generally the rich do not share their wealth building secrets.  Quite to the contrary.  They keep their secrets to themselves, hidden and protected.  No doubt he was impressing upon me the rarity of this opportunity.

How interesting, I thought.  If the rich have such abundance of wealth, why then do they need to protect their wealth building secrets?  Why not share them with the world?  Could it be that they fear there not being enough for everyone to go around?  That there is a limited sized pie and the more people partake in it the smaller the pieces for everyone?  Isn’t that in fact an attitude of scarcity and lack?  And if in deed it is important for me to listen to those who have walked before me how will these people teach me an attitude of abundance with their obvious attitude of lack?

In deed the information on the tapes proved invaluable to me, quite the lesson in abundance actually, no doubt inspired by my spirit, but probably not in the way that the life coach or the gentleman on the tape had intended.  In short, upon my listening to those tapes, I drew two conclusions.  Having a lot of money doesn’t require an attitude of abundance nor does it seem to produce one.  Ultimately I resolved that abundance has absolutely nothing to do with money!

Because even when we have a lot of money we can still feel insecure and fear not having enough.  Because no matter how much we have, there will always be the possibility of running out.

So, what then is abundance really all about?

*** To be Continued ***