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Are You Noticing The Increasing Turmoil In People’s Lives?

Has your life been recently turned upside down?  Or perhaps you know someone whose life has been suddenly filled with such drama, it seems surreal?

I’ve seen people who have had decent lives suddenly lose their jobs and go homeless, or get stuck in between homes, lose everything they own, lose their children, or their long term relationships fall apart, or they suddenly are dealing with unexplained physical ailments.  I’ve seen people with a lot of indigestion and stomach issues, sudden unexplained aches and pains and autoimmune disorders.   Globally, we can also witness turmoil, for example the refugees from Syria crisis.

I, myself, have been dealing with some interesting and quite surreal drama in my family too.  As a spiritual healer, I am not immune to the spiritual shift we are undergoing.  However, I do find comfort in understanding what is happening and why, and it definitely helps having tools with which I can ease my life.

I don’t know if perhaps you might have noticed how some of the old ways of doing things are no longer working, like going to the doctor to resolve your ailments.  As part of the spiritual shift we are being more and more prompted to go within and look for resolution within ourselves.  The big push is to resolve our old karma.  This will ultimately help us move into the higher dimensions.

We are moving from the 3rd dimension of dualism (good and evil), where we have been primarily learning through the experiencing of pain, to the 5th dimension of love and oneness, where no pain exists, as is my understanding.  It makes sense.  After all, the 5th dimension is much higher in vibration and pain is a low vibration energy.  In order to accomplish this shift, the vibrations on our planet have been increasing gradually, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments.  It is this continuous increase in vibration, however, that is having a sort of flush out effect on our old unresolved pain, also referred to as our karma.   This flushing out of our old karma is manifesting itself in our daily drama, which is nothing more than the recreation of our old trauma.  In other words, we are re-living our old karma in hopes that by confronting it, we will resolve it within ourselves.  And I’m not just talking from this lifetime, but also from past lifetimes.

We have this amazing ability to disconnect from our pain.  This, incidentally, is how we create incomplete experiences we then carry around with us on our soul for sometimes many lifetimes.  Now, more than ever before, we are supported to resolve our incomplete experiences, or our karma.  We must, in order to move up in vibration.  Think, the old pain is like carrying around sacks of potatoes, heavy.  Thus in our daily situations we are being more forcefully confronted with our past pain and the issues we have yet to resolve.

So, if you find yourself experiencing extreme tiredness, fear, stress, or worry, or you find yourself in some surreal situation or with sudden physical ailments, know this: whatever discomfort you are experiencing right now, it is about resolving your karma!  Understanding this always brought me peace of mind, because I knew if I could resolve the issue energetically within myself, the situation I was facing would resolve itself.  Got to try this.  It’s like magic.

The huge comfort is in knowing that you don’t have to keep re-living your old pain.  You have a choice.  You can get some help from someone who understands spiritual healing and how to help your soul reconcile your past, especially if you yourself don’t know what you are doing.

Know that trying to resolve your karma by re-living it may take days, weeks, months, years or even lifetimes, where you may resolve your past in a matter of hours with the help of a spiritual healer.

But beware.  Not all healers are alike.  Do your research and ask your spirit for guidance to the right person who can help you in your highest good.

….and let’s move into living with ease, grace and joy!


Experiencing more Joy as a Benefit of Spiritual Healing

As I continue to heal myself, I observe myself experiencing more joy.  Particularly this year I have noticed the wild life more than ever before in previous years.  Not that the animals haven’t been around before, but I seem to be attracting more of them into my life.  At the same time I can’t help but feel such joy and delight in watching them partake in my life.  Earlier this year I had a bear cub on my porch staring at me through my living room window.  A week before I almost ran into what was probably his mama on my walk with my dog.  Believe it or not but in my 12 years in Colorado this is the first time I have encountered bears this up close.  Then there was the family of 6 or 7 raccoons who woke me a number of times at 2 o’clock in the morning scurrying around my porch.  When I finally turned on the porch light to see, I witnessed all seven of them sitting on a wood pile as if on a podium staring at me with their big eyes.  My heart skipped for joy and put a smile on my face.  The scene was well worth being woken up to at 2 o’clock in the morning.   Then there were the two mice who decided to play house with me for a day or two earlier this year walking about my livingroom completely unbothered by my presence.  I’ve never experienced mice so freely running around under my feet.  Then I couldn’t help but notice the abundance and variety of birds that I’ve come to appreciate and watch daily as they drink and take baths in the small dog dish filled with water on my porch.  It amazes me every time how they seem so comfortable with my presence and how they come to drink while I’m standing right next to the bowl.  I also mustn’t forget to mention the squirrels who jump from tree to tree, who share in the water bowl and who give my dog a run for her money every time and taunt her from the hight of the trees.  All such delight, indeed!

But the most delightful experience I had with a hummingbird recently.  I was watering my cucumber patch when suddenly a hummingbird flew into the spray of my hose and hovered for a few seconds.  Then he flew to a nearby fence where he rested and shook himself off.  Then once again he flew into the wide spray of my hose and hovered yet again for a few seconds under the water.  I realized the little bugger was taking a shower.  So when he sat down on the nearby fence again and shook himself off I slightly lifted the hose to shower him some more.  He didn’t quite like that at first and took off, but then came right back.  This time I lifted my hose ever so slightly and sprayed the little hummingbird again.  He allowed it this time and started shaking his wings and enjoying the spray of water showering him.  I can’t even begin to describe the joy I felt.  I don’t recall ever having experienced such delight in an interaction with such tiny critter.  It’s only ironic that the hummingbird spiritually represents JOY.

On the other side of the coin I have known people who have had difficulty experiencing any joy at all in the face of even the most elaborate events.  So, how is it that some of us are able to experience such great joy while others can’t seem to experience any?  And how does this relate to spiritual healing?

It seems that we experience joy more readily when we operate in the higher vibrations.  Living in the lower vibrations we seem to experience far less of it.  The predominant contribution to us living in the lower vibrational energies are our past unresolved traumas.  They seem to weigh us down to the point of lowering us vibrationally.  The more unresolved traumas, the heavier our load, the lower we seem to sink until it becomes almost impossible to manage life, much less experience any joy.  Just look at the people around you who you know that have experienced multiple losses or accidents in a short period of time or who have lived a life of continuous drama.  Drama incidentally is just an expression of our unresolved traumas.  Each unresolved trauma equates to carrying a sack of potatoes weighing us down.  Additionally, a part of our soul is wrapped up in the unresolved experience, leaving us with less creative energy to manage life.  Thus with each added trauma there is literally less of us spiritually in addition to the accumulating weight we must carry.

Spiritual healing allows us to digest the unresolved traumas releasing our creative energy back to us and unburdening us from the extra weight.  Often people experience feeling lighter after a healing,  not realizing that they are also rising vibrationally.  Life just suddenly becomes easier, better and more fun.