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Be open to everything and attached to nothing…

How do we achieve such spiritual freedom and bliss to be open to everything and attached to nothing?  What are attachments anyway and why do we have them?

Attachments are things we can’t do without or have a difficult time letting go.  For example, we can be attached to a certain outcome, in which case we are attached to a certain expectation.  We could be attached to shopping or to being in relationship.  We could be attached to having a routine or to having drama in our life.  We could be attached to an idea, the idea that everything must be in order before we can move on to what we really want to do, for example.  We could be virtually attached to just about anything.  Much like the toddler who is attached to his blanket, we seek safety in our attachments.  Addictions are no more than very obvious and severe attachments.

It is in our state of separateness we seem to need attachments.  By “state of separateness” I mean the space we live in where we are separated or disconnected from spirit, our source and the spiritual mother womb.  Being connected with source is the place where we know we are taken care of, we are safe, we are loved and abundance is ever present.  When we are in this space of being connected to source we feel no worries and no fear.  Thus it is in the space of disconnect where we are so desperate to hold onto something, … anything and we have the need for attachments and addictions.

We have entered the era where we are moving away from being separate and disconnected to being connected and united with source and each other.  We are moving away from fear and toward love.  We are moving away from suppression and toward self-expression.  But how does one as an individual move from the place of feeling disconnected to feeling connected and loved?  How do we move away from being attached to things?  How do we move away from our addictions?

First it would help to understand that whenever we experience a trauma, particularly pain, emotional, physical or mental we disconnect from a piece of ourselves.  The more we spiritually heal such traumas and pain, including past life, the more we re-connect with ourselves and source.  It is in the combination of spiritual healing and growth that we can achieve the connection we desire and the spiritual freedom of being open to everything and attached to nothing.